Why UK KFC fans are jealous of Americans right now

A non-U.S. TikTok user was apparently struck by the KFC fried chicken shown in @ watchkittyshrink’s video, commenting: “The coating looks so nice and crisp that our KFC is always soggy.… I usually put mine in the air fryer to make it crisp.” Another confirmed that chicken pie and soda “IV bags” are not found at UK-based KFC restaurants. And then, of course, came a comment displaying some language differences: “It’s not a cookie, surely it’s a scone?” referencing the American version of a cookie from @watchkittyshrink.

This isn’t the first time someone has thought of comparing similar but not identical KFC offerings across the pond, discovering American KFC items that some Brits green with envy. Initiated reports that British KFC is mash-free and gravy-free, as well as American-style cookies. Instead, they get chicken fillet burgers, spicier “Zinger” chicken burgers, and the Tower Burger, which is a chicken sandwich with cheese and a hash brown. The UK also serves side dishes like baked beans and corn on the cob. Nonetheless, a UK TikTok user is not impressed with the offerings from his home country, commenting: “You will be very disappointed to see our KFC compared to what you just showed us,” on @ watchkittyshrink.

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