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Mmaybe that’s the classic nature of the treat – everyone has heard of pot brownies. It could be the ingredients – they are made with organic cocoa powder. Maybe it’s the packaging – each bite is individually wrapped to maintain freshness.

Or maybe it’s the slow process by which the cannabis infusion takes place. The technique is called sous vide – yes, it’s French – and it involves a long water bath.

Regardless, Baked Alaska came out with Brownie Bites in 2019 and they quickly became the company’s best-selling edible product. Alaska Cannabist readers selected Brownie Bites as the best pot brownie of 2021.

“Brownies are what we sell the most and what we get the most requests for,” said Rachel Smith, Baked Alaska Pastry Chef.

Smith was baking chocolate chip cookies on a recent Friday morning in the indescribable warehouse where Baked Alaska’s edibles are prepared. She has been cooking for the company for about a year and is reluctant to take credit for her success in the Alaskan edibles market.

“It’s nice to know that people like it. I try to keep everything very consistent and we use high quality ingredients. I really don’t think I have anything to do with success.

Yet Smith has years of home baking experience and comes from a family of foodies. She was planning to go to the Outside Culinary School but changed those plans after the Covid-19 hit. Smith spoke about her product as she carefully molded the cookie dough into cherry tomato-sized balls. She sprinkled chocolate chips on each and placed them in neat rows that looked as perfect as soldiers in formation. Soon they would be cooked in a commercial convection oven.

“Everything gets a lot of personalized attention,” Smith said.

Brownie Bites are baked in mini muffin tins and have a round muffin shape. Each dose contains five milligrams of THC. They come in packs of six and two. The price varies depending on the dispensary.

The brownies are made with the idea of ​​highlighting the flavor of the marijuana instead of hiding it, Smith said. Some people think that cannabis and chocolate complement each other.

“People want to know there’s cannabis in it,” Smith said. ” Not too hard. Not too light.

Bakes Alaska bakes thousands of Brownie Bites each month as well as four types of marijuana infused cookies.


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