Why are all those trees falling in Toms River, New Jersey?


As you know if you join us regularly I love to jump in my car and just tour the neighborhoods here in Ocean County and research interesting sites, new construction and possible areas of interest to share with you back home. .

When I take to the streets of Jersey Shore, I always take pictures to help you visualize the item I’m working on. I think providing text is improved with several photos of the actual location that we describe and hope it helps you get to that location every time.

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Now, that latest Toms River story was advice a listener gave me this week. I appreciate your help from home so much so when YOU see something in your community that is of interest to you … let me know so I can share it with our WOBM 92.7 family.

This “tip” takes us to Hooper Avenue in Toms River, where a large lot has been cleared and now we ask hmmm is there a plan? or are they looking for a company to jump on that property. Trees have fallen in Toms River and now it’s wait and see.

If you have any information about this property on Hooper Avenue in Toms River, we would love to hear from you as neighbors in this section of Toms River (Silverton) are wondering what’s next.

Post your comments and let us know if you know what could happen to this location or what you would like to see moving to this location.

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