What to do with unpaid bills? – Get a credit loan now!

After 5 days of debt paid off your name should be removed from the negative records. If your name has not been cleared by this deadline, you can go to the consumer protection agency.

But the problems may come back when the former indebted person seeks to take back credit in the square and regain confidence in the market. In this case, many establishments refuse to offer credit to those who have had debt in the past. It may not seem like a simple task, but we will help you solve this problem.

How to make the market trust me again?

How to make the market trust me again?

The first step is to check if all of your debt with the company has been paid off and ask for proof of the monthly debt paid so you don’t risk the establishment saying you didn’t pay it. It is also important to check your CPF data with the IRS. Often a mistake in revenue may prevent the lender from opening new credits.

It is also important to check your situation with the bank and notary. If what promoted the negation of the name was a title of protest. The consumer must come to the notary and present proof of debt discharge. You need to check all the organs to make sure your name is clear. This way you will secure credit again and be able to make new purchases.

How to improve credit profile now that I am no longer negative?


Many companies when looking to open credit for the customer, analyze their score. Score is a system that calculates the likelihood that you will not repay the debt. They can be harmful when you improve your credit.

The score goes from 0 to 1000 and is calculated every three months. The closer to 1000 the better for you to resume your credit profile. But to get a higher score it is important that all information together with Good Finance is up to date. If you have multiple accounts in your name make sure they are all paid on time. The system takes into account common debts paid correctly, such as water, electricity, rent, among others.

Your score and profile can improve with these small steps. It is important not to accumulate more debt. If you are still in debt try to negotiate with the company and ensures the return of confidence in the market to be an active consumer.

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