Visit These MA Ice Cream Shops Offering Wild and Unusual Flavors

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream, but is this ice cream flavored with popcorn or spicy lime? Is it made with fruit pebbles or oysters?

If you like intense flavors or bizarre combos when it comes to ice cream, you’re apparently not alone. Dolley Madison, the wife of our fourth president, James Madison, would have loved ice cream and served it often in the White House, which was no small feat given that freezers had not yet been invented. But did you know that her favorite flavor, which she made herself, was oyster ice cream?

We cast a net to see what interesting flavored ice creams we could find and although we didn’t bring any oysters we did find pearls.

Pop corn?

When Erin Pezzulo bought Melt, 60 Washington St., Salem in 2019, it came up with dozens of recipes and flavors, but that didn’t stop Pezzulo, a former scientist, from creating her own and popcorn Buttercream by EW Hobbs is the one she is most proud of. .

“They have the best popcorn,” she said.

EW Hobbs is a small, fourth-generation family business located in the historic Willows neighborhood of Salem, famous for its popcorn. Growing up with this popcorn, Pezzulo said she knew she wanted to use it in ice cream, so she contacted the family, who gave her blessing.

She dipped the popcorn in her ice cream base, then strained it and added a ribbon of melted butter to the final product.

“People like it, it’s so fluid,” she said. “There are no grains or pieces of popcorn.”

Melt owner Erin Pezzulo offers a scoop of popcorn ice cream.

The yellow ice cream is surprisingly light and although subtle, it is definitely popcorn.

Melt also offers Swilling Me Softly, made with a stout from East Regiment Beer Company, a local brewery, and at one point served lobster ice cream. Although she was proud of it, she admits it was expensive to make. She also said she knows the weird-flavored ice cream isn’t for everyone, but that’s often what gets them through the doors.

“If I make pickle ice cream, some people will come just to taste it,” she said, and even if they don’t buy this ice cream, they will often buy something else.

Salem's Melt offers dozens of flavors of gourmet ice cream made with local ingredients like Atomic Coffee in Beverly and Taza Chocolate in Somerville

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And Pezzulo isn’t the only store with some interesting flavored ice cream.

Toscanini’s, 159 1st St, Cambridge, offers Lime Picante, made with lime and Arbol chilli and Kulfi Ice Cream, made with cardamom with pistachios and almonds.

Oddfellows in Chestnut Hill prides itself on its wacky flavors and the current options don’t disappoint. Among the vanilla bean and the piece of chocolate, there is olive oil ice cream and a miso peanut butter brownie.

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Breakfast of champions?

The Holy Cow Ice Cream Cafe, which has locations in Gloucester and Peabody, offers a variety of cereal-themed ice creams such as Gold Rush, made with frosted flakes, and golden Oreo cookies, and the breakfast bomb, an ice cream sandwich made with sugar cookie ice cream, cereal milk and lined with fruity pebbles. They also offer Captain Crunch Berries and Lucky Me ice cream, made with Lucky Charms cereal, milk ice cream and loaded with Lucky Charms marshmallows.

They even have a cracker-themed ice cream, Ritzy AF made with salted butter ice cream loaded with something called “homemade Ritz Cracker caramel bark.”

Holy Cow also has a nice selection of allergy-friendly nut/gluten/soy ice creams and egg-free and vegan pints.

Buttermilk Blueberry Honey Ice Cream was one of the offerings at OddFellow's Ice Cream Co. in Chestnut Hill, a place known for its interesting flavor combinations.

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Other interesting offers

Mrs. Moriconi’s, 116 Pleasant, Worcester, has elderflower ice cream.

SoCo Creamery flavors include Mission Fig, Cinnamon, and Lemon Poppyseed. Find them at 5 Railroad St. Great Barrington.

Katie’s Homemade Ice Cream, 568 Main St. Hyannis, has a lavender honeycomb hard scoop and amaretto soft serve ice cream.

Berties Creamery and Chocolates, 198 E. Main St., Milford offers the Breakfast of Champions Ice Cream Sundae with Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Sauce, Fruity Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch and Fruit Loops.

Daddy’s Dairy Ice Cream, 95 Central St., Norwood, has more flavor than you could ever wish for in both hard and soft scoops and includes such delights as Mountain Dew, Cinnamon Toast and Unicorn, which are not described.

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