Viennetta is now available in birthday cake flavor

Wall’s Viennettas are iconic – there are no two ways about it. A mint vienetta in particular is a thing of beauty.

But what if we told you that Viennetta combined two of our favorite desserts with its latest flavor?

According to our friend on Instagram, @treatsinstore, Viennetta is launching a birthday cake flavor to celebrate 100 years of Wall’s ice cream production. And what better way to celebrate than with a ton of sprinkles, right?

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Now, it’s unclear when exactly the Viennetta Birthday Cake will be available for purchase, or what it will be made of, but as soon as we hear something, you’ll be the first to know.

Until then, you’ll need to dive into Ben & Jerry’s new line of ice cream to keep your ice cream cravings at bay.

The all-new line of sundaes includes not one, two, or three, but FOUR new flavors. And one of them is vegan.

Well done, Ben & Jerry’s. Well done.

Along with these super exciting new ice creams with the thickest and swirliest flavors ever, the star of the show is the never-before-seen whipped ice cream topping, which is then topped off with gooey sauces and chunks of chocolate.

Ben & jerry’s

So, you want to know the new flavors, right?

  • Cookie Vermont-ster: Sweet cream ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cookie swirls. Follow the chocolate cookie swirls to the nirvana sundae cookie
  • Hazelnut-nuttin ‘but chocolate: No ifs, no buts, this flavor is all about nuts! Chocolate hazelnut ice cream with brownie pieces and chocolate sea salt swirls.
  • Oh my! Banoffee Pie ! : Satisfying your sweet tooth is a snap with creamy banana ice cream, chocolate caramel cups and cookie swirls.
  • Revolutionary dairy-free: when it comes to berry sundaes, this one has it all except dairy! Dairy Free Raspberry Ice Cream with Sandwich Cookies and Chocolate Cookie Swirls.

    The Ben & Jerry’s Sundae range will be available in stores in January for £ 5.49 a jar.

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