Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween



One of the greatest joys that anyone from almost all walks of life can share during the Halloween season: confectionery. That doesn’t mean you have to love these anime shows to enjoy the sweet treats, but these select delicacies offer fans a terrific way to celebrate the two with candy you might not be familiar with. These aren’t your typical Smarties or Popeye candy sticks.

The Demon Slayer Corps must remain vigilant and well-fed to defeat these supernatural beasts. The wonderful thing about these cookies is that they offer the best for all types of lovers: sweet, savory and savory. One advantage is that they come with many main characters from the series, like Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and more. The advantage is that they come in a small package that is easy to carry if you need to take it with you to eat on your commutes or take a study / work break.

They come in the form of strawberry cream cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies, white chocolate cookies, dark cocoa cookies, salted vanilla cookies, bean cookies. red chocolate and toasted corn cookies.

I’m always a fan of gummies, so forgive my bias when I say it’s snacks all year round. I’ve tried many gummies, but this one I find myself ordering a bunch when I can for the signature pineapple energy drink flavor. To be more precise, it actually does not contain any energy drink ingredients – children can enjoy it without any risk except for cavities caused by excess. The favorite and shy demon slayer, Zenitsu, the fastest of the protagonists, goes into battle because he is the perfect mascot for this candy.

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 3

Here’s a sweet and crunchy alternative to regular cheesy corn sprouts. There is also a cute Pokemon Pikachu on it! I started munching on them to replace popcorn when watching home movies, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s practically like Nutella crisps that harmonize between sweet and savory. The box is not too big, so I would buy two or a dozen, let me know when you get hooked.

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 2

Imagine a world where Curses couldn’t be killed without consuming a Starburst candy first. This is what this collaboration brings with the characters of Jujutsu kaisen and Puccho’s chewy candies. Can’t say enough about it as it tastes very similar to a grape starburst; however, it comes with a collectible sticker of one of the nine characters from the animated series. It’s so popular (probably due to the popularity around the show) that my usual seat barely has time to restock.

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 1

Kamehameha! It’s time to do the Fusion Dance as Dragon Ball brings in five different Dragon Balls… I mean chewy flavors. It was a one-time purchase, but I felt it really tied into the spirit of Halloween because I remember having so many chocolate bars, mini bags of chips, candy, gummy candy – and then there’s all the chewing gum. Between my brother and I, we thought that getting gum by sleight-of-hand was a low-level snack because it wasn’t something that could necessarily be eaten. Of course, gum still has its flavor benefits which can be savored when you suck blood from it… I mean what? I tried to fuse all the flavors and let’s just say don’t hit it until you’ve tried it.

Available in: Soda, Strawberry, Lemon, Melon and Pineapple

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 6

To complete the top 5 anime-inspired snacks to try this Halloween, I have to recommend another favorite candy. This Boruto-inspired treat is quite similar to the Demon Slayer energy drink, but I would put that a bit below because it oddly tastes like a Red Bull drink. The reason I put this snack as a bonus is because I think the different hand shapes are visually appealing, and each wrapper has a different Boruto design on its cover.

Top 5 Best Anime-Inspired Snacks To Try This Halloween 7

All of these snacks are available in Canada and the United States at Sukoshi Market Where Candy store in Japan. You can also visit your local Asian supermarkets or Japanese specialty shops. Hope you have a tasty Halloween this spooky season!


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