There’s as much Desi-BBQ, masala cheesesteak and chocolate as you can handle from Dhuann BBQ Company and Maa Maa Dei to Monday Night Foodball

Shelly, Sheal Patel’s wife, doesn’t eat beef. Or maybe it’s the Philly Masala, the gooey Desi-cheesesteak mashup that’s the signature of Dhuaan BBQ Company, the Pilsen-based weekly pop-up he’s been running for over a year.

I’ve returned a few veggies to the barbecue over the years, so I know how satisfying it can be. Patel wowed his whole family with smoky, meaty temptations like his mini tandoori pork burgers on Goan-style buttery garlic pav rolls with pickled red onions and a spicy masala barbecue sauce. These sandwich seductions are on the menu for the upcoming Monday Night Foodball, the Readerchef’s weekly pop-up at the Kedzie Inn in Irving Park.

Patel has expanded his repertoire in the year since I wrote about him, and with him his sphere of influence has expanded beyond his home base of Pilsen. These two sandwich fillings found their way into puffy Texas-style pastries last month in collaboration with Howdy Kolache. Next month, he shows up with sausages at the Duck Inn for his monthly Dog Night. But this Monday, it’s all ours, serving each of these sandwiches with a side of Amul mac and cheese, fueled by a blend of garlic leaves and curry.

Tandoori Sliders, Dhuaan BBQ Company. Credit: Sheal Patel

He’ll be joined by three-time Foodball veteran Jaye Fong of Maa Maa Dei, with a trio of quintessential synergized barbecue-adjacent treats, including a Vietnamese coffee French silk pie, a miso-peanut-butter-chocolate cookie and a Chocolate Chip Pecan Monster Cookie made with Japanese roasted soy flour. “A lot of barbecue menus don’t hold back chocolate and richness, although barbecue is a heavy food,” says Fong, who watches the progress of cherry blossoms ahead of his annual menu of sakura and matcha hanami “But desserts Asian cookies are often lauded for being lighter and less sweet, so I tried to find a middle ground: the pie is lighter, the two cookie sizes allow people to choose their level of richness, buttery miso peanut being salty and sweet, and the mega chonk being big enough for two people to share if they wish.

They’re taking pre-orders now, and you better get on it: the silk pie and miso cookies are already sold out. But if you’re feeling lucky, there will be a limited number of walk-in orders available for the entire menu, starting at 5 p.m.

[UPDATE: Preorders for Fong’s desserts are sold out. Limited walk-in orders are still available, but if you miss those, Maa Maa Dei is popping up at Ponnopozz on April 8 with a spice-themed menu. Sandwich orders are still going.]

Until then, enjoy MNF’s full schedule below. More to come in May.

Mega chonk, Maa Maa Dei. 1 credit

Kedzie Inn
4100 N. Kedzie
(773) 293-6368

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