There is still time to celebrate Corner Bakery Cafe’s 30th anniversary

This year, Corner Bakery Cafe celebrates its 30th anniversary. And in honor of their time in business, they are giving customers a bargain.

And while this deal apparently started on November 15, there is still time to take your own sweetness out of this celebration. According to, until November 30, we can go to the nearest Corner Bakery Cafe and treat ourselves to a sweet treat for just $ 0.30 when we make a purchase at the cafe.

So $ 0.30 for 30 years. It makes perfect sense to us.

But if you’ve never been there Bakery Cafe Corner, you might be wondering what they have and why you would want to give them a $ 0.30 treat.

Corner Bakery Cafe turns 30 with a great deal

Let’s talk about their sweets first. As someone who has been to a Corner Bakery Cafe and loved it, I will admit their cookies and brownies are some of the best after a quick bite. They satisfy our sweet tooth and make us want to spend the day curled up on the sofa watching Christmas movies with a plate of treats.

But of course, it’s not just a place to get those baked goods. The Corner Bakery Cafe is also a great place to have breakfast, lunch, and even an early dinner. From their pancake meals to their soups and salads, there is something for everyone here.

Even their breakfast paninis are winners, one of our favorites being the Anaheim panini (although you can never go wrong with the more classic bacon and cheddar panini).

Fancy some lunch? Discover their sandwiches and paninis, with the tomato mozzarella sandwich and the Pomodori chicken panini being particularly preferred.

But they also serve pasta dishes, kids’ meals, and a wide variety of drinks that will keep you coming back for more.

So whether you’ve tried them before or not, now is a great time to head to the Corner Bakery Cafe so you can grab a sandwich and a treat. And since this treat will only cost you $ 0.30, why not buy a second one?

Have you ever been to the Corner Bakery Cafe? Are you a fan? Are you going to get your hands on this great deal?

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