The unconventional flour that Alton Brown uses for chocolate chip cookies

When it comes to taking the classic chocolate chip cookie on a slightly different path, Alton Brown shows us how delicious it can be to switch things up in his Food Network recipe, aptly named “The Chewy”. The recipe calls for 12 ounces of bread flour, which replaces the all-purpose flour most often found in chocolate chip cookie recipes. This swap is what adds chewiness to Brown’s cookie and is the recipe’s namesake. Otherwise, it keeps with tried-and-true flavors of brown sugar, vanilla and, of course, semi-sweet chocolate chips.

According King Arthur Flour, bread flour will not change the flavor of your cookie but does add a softer, chewier texture that is a favorite feature of many cookie connoisseurs. But what is the main difference that causes this discrepancy between flours? It really depends on the amount of protein, and therefore the level of elasticity and resistance of the dough. Bread flour contains around 13% protein, while all-purpose flour is closer to 12%. So when it comes time to find your next favorite cookie recipe, if you’re a chewy cookie fan, don’t be afraid to get out of the can of all-purpose flour.

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