The Sandwich Spot pays homage to Reno with regional nicknames

The 775, The Wolf Pack, the Reno 9-1-1—The Sandwich Spot wasn’t subtle when naming the items on its Reno menu.

Started in California, there are plenty of small chain locations in the Golden State. Reno, however, is the only city outside of California to have one. And the menu has been changed to show pride in what makes Reno unique.

There are other sandwiches, albeit cleverly named, that don’t specifically refer to the bigger little town, and many have sports and movie references such as The Cassius Clay, The Shane Diesel, The Shawn of the Dead and The Wonderwoman.

For those who consider themselves an avocado connoisseur, it’s important to note that many of the sandwiches on this menu feature the fatty fruit. However, it’s not about thick slices of whole avocado spread on your bread. Instead, The Sandwich Spot uses a smashed avocado spread. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, but if you have a strong preference for your attorney’s presentation, this is important information to have.

Another topping The Sandwich Spot does well is its cream cheese. Some items on the menu include the creamy topping instead of sliced ​​cheeses, and for those who like cream cheese on a sandwich, it’s a welcome addition, one not up to all sandwich shops.

The Reno 9-1-1 is just one example. With thick slices of tangy turkey, tangy cranberry sauce and a thin layer of cream cheese, this meal worthy of a turkey dinner will have you wishing November was just around the corner. It is also served with lettuce and sliced ​​cherry tomatoes.

Tip jars from The Sandwich Spot invite a little fun. Image: Nora Pie / This is Reno

The Pastrami Yo Mommi is another fun one, this one featuring – you guessed it – pastrami, plus sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing and Swiss cheese.

There is of course the option of creating your own sub by combining elements from a long list of ingredients, including the signature Bomb Sauce.

These masterpieces take time to make, so speed of service isn’t the top priority for sandwich makers here. It may take a few extra minutes to produce your favorite, but the main point is that it’s worth the wait.

And while you wait, you can have fun using your money to vote in nifty tip jars. Using post-it notes, the team modifies the question-and-answer game and allows customers to choose their preferred answer, encouraged to tip the staff for doing so. It’s a clever ploy for that extra cash.

If you’d rather not wait, pickup and delivery options are both available through various services, from Uber Eats to Postmates. Simply order online and choose pickup or delivery, then place your order.

In addition to sandwiches, there are cookies, chips, and sodas, so it’s easy to whip up a meal.

Sandwich Spot's Reno 9-1-1 offers turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese.


6775 Sierra Center Pkwy Suite #100, Reno, NV 89511
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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