The real reason it’s impossible to twist an Oreo exactly in half

Yes, you read that right. According to CNET, a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sought to answer the question that there is a “correct” way to open your Oreo cookie. It wasn’t just for fun, but rather a study into the fluid properties of certain foods, which, in this case, is the Oreo (via MIT News).

To continue their experiment, the MIT researchers created the “Oreometer,” a device that, although it appears to measure the speed and aerodynamics of an Oreo, is designed specifically to twist the cookie. This 3D printed device is similar to a clamp, in which the two chocolate sides of the Oreo are locked in place and a weight, such as pennies, is used to separate the Oreo.

Ultimately, the team discovered that how fast you twist your Oreos is what really matters. The faster you turn your Oreos, the harder it will be to separate them evenly. This would mean that to get that perfect twist, you would have to twist your Oreos very slowly, or at least slower than you normally would.

Still, it doesn’t matter if you’re a twister or a dunker, you can sit back, have a glass of iced milk and some of those beloved chocolate sandwich cookies while you read about how they’re really made.

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