THE JEFF & KATIE SHOW returns to the northern sky


On Saturday, October 16, at 3 p.m., the Northern Sky Theater will host an in-person portion of the Jeff & Katie Show, inside the Gould Theater in Fish Creek. After the show, the audience in person will be invited to an outdoor bonfire with cider and cookies from the show. The show will also be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

The Jeff & Katie Show, which became a popular feature of Northern Sky’s virtual season in 2020, features hosts Jeff Herbst and Katie Dahl serving up jokes, music, and food. On the 16th, he will also present the big announcement for Northern Sky’s 2022 season.

Special guests Molly Rhode (actor, bassist and associate artistic director of Northern Sky) and James Kaplan (pianist, as well as composer of shows including Guys on Ice and Lumberjacks in Love) will also make appearances on October 16.

Northern Sky art director, singer and actor Jeff Herbst and playwright and songwriter Katie Dahl are known for their humor, good humor and friendly camaraderie. Northern Sky’s longtime technical director David Alley joins Herbst and Dahl in the cooking. The cookies served at the after-show campfire will be prepared by Herbst, Dahl and Alley.

Tickets cost $ 30 and are available at or by phone at (920) 854-6117. The opening hours of the ticket office are from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday; 3 pm-7pm Saturday. All tickets must be purchased in advance; no free sale available. Please refer to the Northern Sky website for current Covid protocols.

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