“The Great British Baking Show”: what are Brandy Snaps?


Each episode of The Great British Pastry Fair is a delicious glimpse into the fine world of British baking. We see bakers producing meat pies, cookies, jams and other treats that are very popular in the UK, but which would cause glances in American kitchens. In today’s brand new episode The Great British Pastry Fair on Netflix, aka “Biscuit Week,” bakers are invited to produce 24 Uniform Brandy Snaps. They all seem to know what this means, but you? What are Brandy Snaps?

The good news is that this week’s episode of The Great British Pastry Fair is not totally impenetrable to us Americans. After all, “American sugar cookie” gets a scream from Amanda on the showstopper. (American sugar cookies also almost spell baker’s fate, as it seems Amanda didn’t realize that building anything out of sugar cookie dough is something like Christine McConnell, and no one else. other!) The bad news is, you might not know what a Brandy Snap is yet. Or maybe you do, but you’re just trying to figure out which Brandy Snap recipe is right for you.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Brandy Snaps, The Signature Challenge On TThe great season of the British pastry fairs 9 Episode 2 “Biscuit Week” on Netflix…

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What are Brandy Snaps? Everything on The Great British Pastry Fair Cookie week challenge

So what are Brandy Snaps? Well, these are sweet, brittle treats that have been around for centuries. No, seriously, books from the early 19th century mention them as a proven staple. Brandy Snaps are cooked at a low temperature and then, while still hot, molded into a cup or tube so that they can contain cream or other sweets.

Despite the name, it is not necessary to put brandy in Brandy Snaps. Alcohol has nothing to do with the name. In fact, it is a reference to the old word “marked” which doubles as “burnt”. Brandy Snaps sounds better than Burnty Snaps, don’t you think?

Where can you find a Brandy Snaps recipe online?

So you don’t just like The Great British Pastry Fair, you also want to cook as if you were to The Great British Pastry Fair? Well you are in luck. On the UK official website for The Great British Pastry Fair, you can find the recipes of Rochica and Crystelle under the tent. Rochica’s Coffee Brandy Snaps apparently take 2 hours and 10 minutes to cook, while Crystelle’s Apple Vanilla Brandy Snaps will take you 2 hours and 15 minutes. (Honestly, both would probably take me a lot longer, but who knows?)

Good news for American bakers: The Great British Pastry FairThe official website now appears to have Fahrenheit temperatures included in their recipes. So huzzah!

That said, if the official recipes seem too intimidating, American trailblazer aka Ree Drummond has a much simpler recipe that’ll be done in 20 minutes. Just be aware that she won’t talk to you if you don’t do them while on vacation. (Does she already talk to you? Because I think her threat isn’t as threatening if you don’t know her in real life.)

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