‘The Great British Baking Show’ Collection 10, Episode 2 Recap: Biscuit Week

Showstopper “Cubist Mask” by Janusz for Biscuit Week (Netflix)

It’s Biscuit Week under the tent on The great British pastry fair because Cookie Week doesn’t fly around those parts. That means it’s time to change the song too. Everybody sing with me: “B is for Cookie, that’s enough for me/Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with B!” Biscuit Week is one of the traditional Big Three the show kicks off with, going down only once in the string of the first three episodes, going back into the very confusing BBC Season 3 which was Season 5 of PBS but also that of Netflix. GBBO: the beginnings Season 1. proof, in case we need it that no one involved in this debacle has spoken to each other.

As for the “Cake vs. Biscuit” debate that opens this week’s episode, even though it was an adorable puppy, the Cake vs. Biscuit issue. Biscuit is real in the UK. Despite Brexit being finalized, the European Union tax system is still in effect, and there is a cookie tax that does not apply to cakes, which makes Jaffa Cakes claim the quality of cake although It’s obviously chocolate-covered cookies. This issue was taken to the highest court in the land, which ruled that Jaffa cakes could be denied biscuitiness because their moisture content was over 12%.

The more you know everyone! Now let’s move on to sugar and flour and make cookies for tea.

Signature Challenge

Maxys "baby daisies" Signing for Biscuit Week
Maxy’s “Baby Daisies” Signature for Cookie Week (Netflix)

The Signature Challenge for this return to the world of biscuits is a dozen and a half decorative macaroons. They must be filled and be illusion pastries, that is, they look like something they are not. So, instead of looking like macaroons, they should look like pieces of fruit like strawberry-flavored strawberries, savory foods that are sweet when you eat them, or flowers made from flours. As always, signing is judged on a pass/fail metric.

  • Rebs Little Branston (Pass): The interior is messy, but the cat faces are cute.
  • Carol just one bite (Fail): She made burger cookies, which are a bit flat in taste and appearance.
  • Sandro Cheat Day Treat (Pass): He also made Biscuit Burgers, which look and taste way better.
  • Janusz Miniature melons (Pass): The skin is too dry, but he even flavored them like watermelons.
  • james Let’s raccoon (Pass): They are recognizable raccoons, and the taste is delicious.
  • Dawn Toy store sons (Pass): They’re adorable, taste perfect, and crunch properly; they win a Hollywood handshake.
  • Abdul fudgetastic maca cones (Fail): They look more like hot air balloons, and the inside is melty.
  • Kevin mint chocolate trip (Fail): He also made ice cream cones, and they didn’t turn out much better, and the flavor isn’t great.
  • Maisam cute carrots (Fail): You can tell she’s barely finished. Its flavors are unbalanced.
  • Syabira Satay macaroons (Pass): They are gorgeous and taste fantastic.
  • Maxim baby daisies (Pass): They’re super cute, delicious, and win the second Hollywood handshake of the day.

Two handshakes in a signature are always a good sign, even if there were several more failures than one would like. This means that several people strive to make the technical challenge a good challenge.

Technical challenge

Syabira "Feathered" Garibaldi Biscuit Technique for Biscuit Week
Syabira’s “Feathered” Garibaldi Cookie Technique for Cookie Week (Netflix)

Prue throws this week’s technical challenge, a dozen Garibaldi cookies. That part of “squashed flies” is true; these are currant sandwich cookies, with small currants crushed and baked between two thin oblongs of cookie dough with white feathers through the chocolate layer. Janusz has never heard of them, Maisam looks lost, Rebs ate them but didn’t make them, and Sandro looked for them last night as part of his panic-induced insomnia attack. Let’s see which cookies fly and which sink.

11. Abdul: He made icing feathers, and the cookie is a mess
ten. Syabira: Bless her; her icing feathers are perfect.
9. Dawn: Bad shape, chocolate everywhere.
8. Kevin: The wrong shape and too thick.
seven. Masiam: Too thick all around.
6. Janusz: He made 24 and baked them together.
5. Maxim: Prue calls them rustic.
4. Carol: Good taste but ugly.
3. Sandro: The chocolate is too thick.
2. james: Too soft and a bit crumbly.
1. Rebs: The plumage is excellent; however, the cookie is chewy.

I’m dying for the two bakers who haven’t understood that plucking is dragging through chocolate and not real feathers. James feels guilty for not taking the time to stop and correct them, but they only had two hours, and he was afraid of being distracted. As for Rebs, she won the technique, but it was more of a default victory than an outright victory.

Showstopper Challenge

Syabira "Two faces, one soul" 3D Showstopper mask for Biscuit Week
Syabira “Two Face, One Soul” Showstopper 3D Mask for Biscuit Week (Netflix)

This week, the Showstopper Challenge is a 3D cookie mask, drama mask, or masquerade mask, not a pandemic mask. In addition, he must be able to sit upright on a support. Other than that, everything else is up to them, including the type of cookie they make and the flavors they use. Most opt ​​for gingerbread or sugar, which has the stiffness to support it. Let’s see who brings the drama and whose drama is all in the crumbling cookie.

Syabira “Two faces, one soul” Now it’s a showstopper, with the two-faced Janus design, heart cookies, tiny beads around the eyes, and jellyfish hair. The judges are surprised. And it’s delicious.

Sandro “Carnival Costume” His is very pretty but more “nailed to a board” than “freestanding”. But it’s portable, and Paul is trying it. It’s delicious too.

james “Menacing Mask” It’s ugly, but it’s meant to be, so I guess. Fortune cookies have horror movie messages. Luckily, the flavors aren’t horrible.

Kevin “Mythical Mask” Some cookies are overcooked, but some are perfect, and overall the design is well executed.

Abdul "Parro-Tastic Cookies" 3D Showstopper mask for Biscuit Week
Abdul “Parro-Tastic Biscuits” Showstopper 3D Mask for Biscuit Week (Netflix)

Abdul “Parro-Tastic Cookies” These feathers are beautiful and delicate. Paul calls it a 3D mosaic; the flavors are superb.

Maxim “Masquerade” it’s a gorgeous mask, perfect for Mardi Gras, and the cookies are tasty.

Dawn “Baroque-punk mask” The cogs and steampunk decor is great, but didn’t cut the eye holes? Paul does it for her and discovers that some of the flavors are weak.

Janusz “Cubist Mask” It’s a fucking work of art. The flavors are also punchy.

Maxim "Masquerade" 3D Showstopper mask for Biscuit Week
Maxy “Masquerade” 3D Mask Showstopper for Biscuit Week (Netflix)

Carol “Macaroon Masquerade” His mask contained too much lard and fell apart, although the detail is still visible. Paul calls it a shame.

Rebs “Flower Fascinator” It’s the smallest of them all, and Paul is disappointed that she didn’t make more. It’s also too spicy in the flavors.

Maisam “Venetian Mask” It’s thick gingerbread and the design is simple, but Paul says it’s effective.

This week’s featured baker goes to one of our two handshake recipients, Maxy. As for who leaves, you would think it would be Carole, but Maisam is also super weak, and the judges choose to send her home before she has a complete failure, warning Carole that she only has one chance left.

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