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Lewisburg, PA-Dan Mcarthur, “The Cookie Dude,” wonders if someone should pinch him and wake him from their dreams.

That dream of owning a physical bakery came true last month when The Cookie Dude store opened at 335 Market Street in downtown Lewisburg.

“It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of in terms of a career, a job, etc. MacArthur said. “I will do it every day. I can bake cookies. My hands are still flour. MacArthur said in a recent interview in his store.

Cookie Dude opened in Lewisberg on September 12. Since then, MacArthur and his four employees have worked in the store seven days a week to fulfill orders.

“We created 3,000 cookies in the first week and sold them out on Sunday,” MacArthur said. “We created 3,000 cookies in the second week and sold them on Saturday afternoon. “

The MacArthur store is located in the space of the former Purple Platypus toy store, which closed in November 2020.

“When that became available, this space seemed to have a big arrow pointing at us in the universe,” MacArthur said.

MacArthur has wanted to run a food business since he was in his twenties. Originally, MacArthur planned to start an ice cream shop. But when he realized it would cost over $ 100,000 to buy the equipment to open a store, he decided it wasn’t realistic. Later, after MacArthur started dating his current wife, he would help her bake cookies for a vacation swap, which would lead him to his current path today.

“We made spicy molasses cookies, which is actually the same recipe we started nine years ago,” MacArthur said, pointing at the cookies in his store. “And everyone was crazy about them. And the next year, they made chocolate wrinkles with peanut butter frosting. Our friend was a chef, “Hey, you can sell them. “Said.

“I’ve always had these epic culinary celebrity illusions, but I hope I knew they knew their way around the kitchen would give that verification. It was my first time doing it. “

Eventually, MacArthur set up an inspected baking kitchen in the basement of Milton’s house. He started The CookieDude business five and a half years ago without knowing what to expect. He started taking orders online with free shipping. Soon MacArthur’s orders increased. The parents of a Bucknell University student found his information and began ordering deliveries for their children.

Dan Mcarthur waits for customers at his bakery, The Cookie Dude, in Lewisberg.

MacArthur continued to work full time when he started his business. As orders increased, MacArthur decided to quit his job and make The Cookie Dude a full-time business. MacArthur began bringing his cookies to roads, farmers’ markets and the annual Lewisberg Arts Festival. “We always have clients who remember us from the Festival of the Arts,” MacArthur said.

His business is growing and it seemed like it was just moving to Market Street in July. “It makes sense to come to Lewisburg because of our relationship with Bucknell, and we’ve worked with other businesses in the area,” MacArthur said.

The flavors of Cookie Dude cookies vary each week. Of course, there are also old standbys like chocolate chips and caramel shortbread cookies. And everything MacArthur thinks about the week. “It’s a fancy bakery. MacArthur added some of the more unusual flavors he had, such as chocolate chipotles, Swedish fish, and Capn Crunch cereal cookies.

The store also has a cookie decorator who makes the popular Lewisberg floor lamp pillar cookies. Regarding the decorated cookies, MacArthur said he “tries to do anything.” “I ordered a scream mask. My wife nephew loved screaming movies, ”MacArthur said.

Most of the names of cookies come from pop culture. The chocolate crumpled cookies with peanut butter frosting are called Yum’s Temple after the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The name of the chocolate chip cookie is The Original Dude. Of course, he was named after Dude. Moviegoers may have noticed the name “Cookie Dude” as an ode to the cult classic “The Big Lebowski”. MacArthur has several pop culture items on his store shelves, including the Big Lebowski doll.

The Cookie Dude _2021 Dude Doll

The Dude from the movie “The Big Lebowski” influenced the name of the Cookie Dude store.

MacArthur loves Dude. Nothing bothers him. In fact, I’m probably like Walter. I’m like being number 11 all the time. I’m just ready to go. But I want to be more like Dude. I just want to go with the flow. Some of them therefore remind us that we are creating cookies. It is not rocket science. No one’s life is at stake. Enjoy it, ”said MacArthur. Of course, the original Dude cookie is named “to really connect the rooms”. (Big Lebowski fans must get this reference.)

If you can cover your mouth just thinking about cookies at this point, you can order traditional cookies from The Cookie Dude’s. Website We will notify you at least a few days in advance. For decorated cookies, we recommend that you notify us two weeks in advance. If you have placed an order, we recommend that you call (570) 939-4241.

Cookie Dude also offers vegan and gluten-free cookies. We also sell baked goods such as cookies. Of course, the holidays are fast approaching. MacArthur expects more orders. “You should order early,” MacArthur said.

If you like to bake your own cookies, MacArthur has you covered. The other side of the cookie shop is a loose emorium filled with cans of sugar, spices, sprinkles, and other ingredients that need to be baked. “I wanted to give people several reasons to join,” MacArthur said.

MacArthur and his wife have traveled frequently and brought back a variety of spices, salt and oils from all over the world and are now proud to offer them in his store. Coffee is an upcoming item. MacArthur also enjoys serving food from small, local businesses, like maple syrup made by the Wellsboro family and spices made in Elysburg. MacArthur thinks some people like to bake cookies and pastries as gifts. “I really believe in the mental health benefits of cooking for others,” MacArthur said.

Making food for others certainly brought spiritual benefits to MacArthur. “I do a stressful job for some reason, but the place to relax is in the kitchen or to go shopping,” MacArthur said. He called himself a “dream job” and his business grew rapidly from the first month of the store. “It’s really humble. It’s worth it, ”MacArthur said.

Cookie Dude Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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