The Best Snacks and Made-to-Order Foods to Eat at Buc-ee’s

Millions of Texans are about to start revving their engines as Memorial Day and the summer road trip season rush down the freeway towards us. And that means millions of pit stops at gas stations across the state to fuel up and grab a few snacks before hitting the road again.

No gas station is more popular here than the one in Buc-ee. The iconic brand’s many locations along our highways have long been a source of respite for weary travelers with its sparkling toilets, endless rows of gas pumps and, of course, its food.

But deciding what, exactly, to eat is no simple task. Buc-ee’s sells hundreds of prepared, made-to-order and packaged foods. Many are good. Others, not so much. And with gas prices hitting record highs, no one wants to be chickened out when they bite into something better suited for road shredding.

This week, I took on the daunting challenge of sifting through as many Buc-ee offerings as possible to identify the best ones. I only sampled items made in the Buc-ee’s kitchen or branded with the Buc-ee, then only those that don’t require a fork or knife and can be hustled behind the wheel.

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Start your engines. This is Buc-ee’s best food.

Pre-packaged foods

Buc-ee’s Lemon Crisps

Paul Stephen / Staff

10. Lemon Chips

These cookies are light, airy and melt in your mouth. They stand out from many other types of lemon cookies with a noticeable flavor of real butter and lemon zest.

Cashews better than a bagel from Buc-ee's

Cashews better than a bagel from Buc-ee’s

Paul Stephen / Staff

9. Better than a cashew bagel

Any type of nut is a sensible, satisfying, and reasonably nutritious snack to have in the car. Buc-ee’s makes it interesting with these giant cashews sprinkled with the same kind of seasoning mix you’d find on an tout bagel.

Buc-ee's Chamoy Peach Gummi Rings

Buc-ee’s Chamoy Peach Gummi Rings

Paul Stephen / Staff

8. Peach Chamoy Gummy Rings

It would take a lifetime to taste all the gummies at Buc-ee, so we’ll save you some time. Go for this option immediately, which is bursting with the puro Texan taste of fruity peach and tangy chamoy.

Buc-ee's dried vegetables

Buc-ee’s dried vegetables

Paul Stephen / Staff

7. Pulses

It’s always a good idea to have at least one healthy option on the go, and this assortment of crunchy sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, carrots and other veggies provides just that.

Buc-ee's Cinnamon Glazed Pecans

Buc-ee’s Cinnamon Glazed Pecans

Paul Stephen / Staff

6. Cinnamon Glazed Pecans

Part of the fun of visiting Buc-ee is watching the magic happen behind the main food counter. One of the things you’ll see are these plump pecans swimming through an industrial blender with sugar and cinnamon before being placed in a paper cone under a heat lamp.

Buc-ee's Chili Limón Pork Rinds

Buc-ee’s Chili Limón Pork Rinds

Paul Stephen / Staff

5. Chili Limón Pork Rinds

You can hardly call this a Texas road trip without a bag of pork rinds mounted on a shotgun. Buc-ee’s Chili Limón version is fortified with a powerful kick of heat and spiciness and delivers all the crackling texture you expect.

Buc-ee's Himalayan Pink Salted Nut and Pistachio Bites

Buc-ee’s Himalayan Pink Salted Nut and Pistachio Bites

Paul Stephen / Staff

4. Himalayan Pink Salted Walnut and Pistachio Bites

While Buc-ee’s offers a multitude of sweet and savory snacks, this sophisticated snack offers the best of both. The level of sugar and salt is pleasantly contained in these hazelnut squares, letting the flavor of the pistachio shine through.

Buc-o?•s Sweet Onion Snack Rings by Buc-ee's

Buc-o?•s Sweet Onion Snack Rings by Buc-ee’s

Paul Stephen / Staff

3. Buc-o Sweet Onion Snack Rings

These deliciously crispy treats look like upgraded Funyons. The Sweet Onion option is the best of the few flavors available. Warning: there’s a chance you’ll nibble the entire 2-ounce bag before you reach your destination.

Buc-ee's Bohemian Garlic Beef Jerky

Buc-ee’s Bohemian Garlic Beef Jerky

Paul Stephen / Staff

2. Bohemian Beef Jerky

Buc-ee’s does beef jerky better than almost any other place in Texas. There are at least a dozen flavors to choose from, but the store’s best-selling Bohemian Garlic option offers the most satisfying balance of flavors.

Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets

Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets

Paul Stephen / Staff

1. Beaver Nuggets

These things are incredibly popular for a reason. They’re like caramel-coated popcorn on steroids, full of crunch and coated in a layer of crunchy sugar. And the best part: you won’t get grains stuck in your teeth.

Prepared or made-to-order dishes

Buc-ee's Alamo Turkey Sandwich

Buc-ee’s Alamo Turkey Sandwich

Paul Stephen / Staff

5. Alamo Turkey Sandwich

Buc-ee’s treats turkey with the respect it deserves in many of its offerings, including this perfect deli sandwich. It’s an understated affair, stuffed with a ridiculous amount of tender turkey, pepper cheese and a few slices of tomato. You can buy the sandwich with or without mayonnaise, but the former makes for a premium sandwich.

Buc-ee's log sandwich

Buc-ee’s log sandwich

Paul Stephen / Staff

4. Chopping Block Sandwich

If you’re still asking “where’s the beef?” in 2022, the answer is here. This hoagie is packed with tender, ruby-colored roast beef, several slices of cheese, and a few strips of red onion. It’s not fancy, but it’s a perfect option for anyone on the go.

Buc-ee's apple pie

Buc-ee’s apple pie

Paul Stephen / Staff

3. Apple Pie

The Golden Arches have nothing against Buc-ee when it comes to apple pie. This small and delicious confection is wrapped in layers of puff pastry and stuffed with a generous amount of fruit. The delicate dusting of sugar on top is a nice finishing touch.

Buc-ee's Club Melt

Buc-ee’s Club Melt

Paul Stephen / Staff

2. Melting Clubs

This sandwich offers a great layering of flavors with juicy turkey and crispy bacon bound together with gooey cheese, spicy mayonnaise and a touch of barbecue sauce served on a tender roll. If you crave lots of spice and protein, this sandwich is a hit.

Buc-ee's Pulled Pork Hatching Green Chili Burrito

Buc-ee’s Pulled Pork Hatching Green Chili Burrito

Paul Stephen / Staff

1. Pulled Pork Hatching Green Chili Burrito

This beast of a burrito is comically overloaded with tender, savory pulled pork accented by the verdant heat of roasted Hatch chiles. It’s simple, satisfying, and a perfect one-handed calorie delivery system for any motorist on the go.

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