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Looking to breathe new life into your fridge and pantry? With the holiday season on the horizon, there’s no better time to stock up on healthy groceries so you can always have something good for you on hand whenever the urge strikes. or you’re just looking to break your follies with something a little less forgiving.

We asked our Eat This, Not That! editors for their favorite new healthy groceries that they’re loving right now so you can get inspired and try new foods! Read on and to learn more about how to eat healthy, don’t miss the 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

“I had this sugar cookie dough last week and I’m obsessed! I unfortunately can’t eat gluten, but these sugar cookies are gluten free and taste so similar to Pillsbury Holiday Slice and Bake cookies. ” – Marisa DePaolo, Social Media Editor

$ 45.00 per pack of 6 (each packet bakes 12 cookies)
at Sweet Loren

Buy now

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Cauliflower tortilla chips from scratch

“I’m currently obsessed with sea salt tortilla chips from top to bottom” – Amanda McDonald, Editor-in-Chief

Cheyenne is also a huge fan of From the Ground Up products because they are gluten free. “As someone with a gluten intolerance, I appreciate the brands that make high quality gluten free snacks and From the Ground Up has really pulled off both the texture and the flavor of this new product. hummus or eat them on their own, these potato chips make the perfect midday snack. “

$ 24.99 per pack of 6
from zero

Buy now

Toodaloo Smoke Show

“Barbecue chips are my all-time guilty pleasure, but after trying this adaptogenic trail mix from Toodaloo, I now realize that it’s just because I love the spice blend. can get all that barbecue flavor that I love knowing that I am eating a healthy snack. As a lover of crispy snacks, I am obsessed with mixing sprouted almonds, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and roasted chickpeas for a fat-free snack with 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. ” – Olivia Tarantino, editor-in-chief

$$ 39.00 per pack of 4
to Toodaloo

Buy now

sound sparkling tea

“Although I’m a fan of Sound’s whole sparkling tea set, I have to say that the sparkling rose tea is one of my favorites. It’s my new go-to drink that’s low in calories and a great alternative when I’m not. in the mood for a glass of wine. They’re unsweetened, zero-calorie, and sugar-free. My friends praised them too! ” – Kiersten Hickman, Senior Editor

Our editor-in-chief, Krissy Gasbarre, is also a huge fan of Sound! “I’m crazy about this brand of sparkling tea. Zero added sugar, all-natural flavors and such a great afternoon pick-me-up as some flavors are caffeinated.”

$ 38.00 per pack of 12
to the sound

Buy now

Daily harvest coffee + almond latte

“I love making Daily Harvest + Almond latte with oat milk. But instead of making a traditional hot latte, I enjoy the iced product. All you have to do is put in the little pod. in a blender with a cup of oat milk, mix until it becomes frothy, and pour it over ice. I love to enjoy this creamy drink with my lunch! Plus, I enjoy that it only costs $ 5.99 for two pods of latte – when I go to my favorite cafe, a latte normally costs that price, if not more. ” – Cheyenne Buckingham, Senior Editor

$ 5.99 per pack of 2
to the daily harvest

Buy now

selected foods ranch dressing

“I buy this dressing over and over again because it’s super creamy, affordable, and I really love that it uses avocado oil instead of canola oil” – Samantha Boesch, editor-in-chief

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esti hummus

“I was absolutely obsessed with Esti’s original hummus. It’s the easiest snack to have with carrots, peppers, and pita chips. Sometimes it’s hard not to devour the whole container! It’s definitely better than any other brand of hummus. I tried. Not to mention it’s preservative and GMO free, so you know you’re getting the right things. “- Rachel Linder, Associate Editor

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kombucha remedy

“Flavor wise, this is one of the best kombuchas I’ve tried, and the fact that it doesn’t have any added sugar is just a great bonus. Because it’s so light, I have it. drink in the afternoon when I need a choice. me-up, but I also like to use their Ginger Lemon flavor as a low calorie mixer in cocktails. ” – Mura Dominko, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

$ 21.99 per pack of 12
to Remedy

Buy now

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sweet little things

“There is no shortage of energy bites on the market, but I can honestly say that I haven’t tried such good ones! These oatmeal bites (with a core of peanut butter!) Have an amazing texture that isn’t too chewy like other date bites. I also like that they are high in fiber, with 12% DV in each pack. “- Olivier

$ 29.99 per pack of 12
at Sweet Nothings

Buy now

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