The 10 best no-bake cookies the internet has to offer


Make no mistake: spending time in the kitchen is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. However, when a real cookie craving hits, I want something to satisfy it, stat. During my forties, I got into the habit of mixing my favorite (and arguably best) chocolate chip cookie dough. I baked a few right away, then preformed the rest, put the dough balls in an airtight container and put them in the freezer so I always had freshly baked cookies on hand. And while this habit cuts down the time between my cravings and that first bite of crunchy, chewy cookie, sometimes I can’t wait for the oven to preheat. When it does, I turn to no-bake cookies. And of course, I’m turning to the best no-bake cookie recipes I can find, in other words, the ten recipes below.

No-bake cookies are about as simple as it gets. Many recipes involve cooking and thickening a sauce that holds your other ingredients together. Some recipes go even further and are no-bake and no-bake, which means all you need to do is mix in some delicious ingredients and let them set in the fridge. Again, easy cooking at its best.

But if you’ve never made no-bake cookies before, the concept might seem a bit foreign. After all, cookies and a little baking time equate to the best smell to ever have in your kitchen. Before we get to the recipes, I’ll answer a few frequently asked questions when it comes to making your first batch. Gear up with a little no-bake knowledge, then dive into the recipes below. And if you have a favorite no-bake cookie recipe that I haven’t included here, please share it in the comments! I could always use a little more cookie inspiration in my life.

How long can I keep cookies without baking?

Here’s another reason to jump into a no-bake cookie-making routine. While most baked cookies can last a few days in a tightly sealed container stored on the counter, no-bake cookies play the game a long way. Prepare for this: After your cookies are ready, you can expect most to last up to a few weeks if you store them in the fridge in an airtight container. The beauty of this, of course, is that you can double (or triple!) Your recipe and have a constant supply of cookies for days on end. This is a level of preparation worthy of applause.

Can you freeze cookies without baking?

Yes, yes and yes. If you want your cookies to stay fresher for longer, the freezer is the way to go. For best results, space your cookies out on a baking sheet and let them cool in the freezer for a few hours. Once they are completely frozen, put them in a sealed container. After that, your cookies can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. Some cookies are amazing frozen, but you’ll want to let others come to room temperature before you bite into them.

Let’s go! These are the best no-bake cookie recipes to make right away.

Minimalist Baker No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Why we love it: Minimalist Baker has cornered the market for vegan foods I want to devour on several occasions. This is also quite true for these no-bake cookies. They are the winning trifecta of being peanut butter, chocolatey, and wonderfully indulgent without containing dairy. These cookies are also naturally sweet and use only real food ingredients for the richest no-bake cookies you’ve ever eaten.

Hero Ingredient: All the flavor and texture of the fondant comes from the dark chocolate.

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Pinch of Yum No Bake Salted Caramel Cups

Why we love it: I love cookies with layers. These adorable little cups wrap a chewy oat crust around a salted caramel center. Finishing things off with chocolate and sea salt isn’t negotiable. This recipe relies on all the good things for flavor: pecans, pretzels, pitted dates, and a whole cup of heavy caramel sauce. Please.

Hero Ingredient: The only thing better than caramel is salted caramel. A small pinch of sea salt does the trick.

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The Roasted Root No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Why we love it: These six-ingredient delicacies are grain-free, refined sugar-free and 100% paleo-friendly. It probably goes without saying, but they also taste amazingly good. If you’re like me and patience isn’t one of your strong points, here are the cookies to make. Since they don’t contain eggs either, you can even grab a few bites of the dough while your cookies are setting.

Hero Ingredient: I love the nutty and dense bite that the almond flour gives these bars.

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No-Bake Brownies

Why we love it: Okay, so maybe I have a vague definition of what constitutes a cookie, but since these don’t use eggs, their texture is closer to cookies than brownies. They’re dense, chewy, and they make the best use of graham cracker crumbs since the creation of the lime pie. They’re also packed with so many healthy ingredients, with a handful of almonds, dried cranberries, and unsweetened coconut flakes providing all the crunch.

Hero Ingredient: The sweetened condensed milk gives these brownies the rich, fudge-like texture that I imagine I’m not the only one craving.

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Full of Plants No Bake Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cookies

Why we love it: Alternative name: Nutella Bombs. That’s right, the outside of these cookies is soft and creamy, but when you take a bite you discover a burst of chocolate nutty flavor. Plus, these guys are naturally sweet with the winning combo of maple syrup and dates. So if you’re tempted to give them the go ahead to reset your New Years Eve, I support you.

Hero Ingredient: There is no competition with Nutella.

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Live Well Bake Often No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

Why we love it: Like many people, I have had a love affair with peanut butter since my first PB&J. The smooth, creamy texture and beyond the nutty taste make peanut butter worthy of being consumed with a spoonful first. Not only does the peanut butter give these cookies their flavor, but it’s responsible for the thickening of the sauce which makes them chewy as chewy as they can get.

Hero Ingredient: Quick cooking oats enhance the texture of the otherwise super smooth mixture.

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Big Man’s World No Bake Snickerdoodle Bites

Why we love it: Snickerdoodles are an easy and difficult favorite to challenge. What’s not to like? They’re loaded with cinnamon spice and sweet, crunchy sugar. The best recipes use a little cream of tartar to create a chewy cookie. Here, the heavenly texture is due to a mixture of almond and coconut flour, which keeps these cookies light. It’s basically like digging into a bowl of raw snickerdoodle dough with no regrets about having salmonella.

Hero Ingredient: Rolling each ball in a tablespoon of cinnamon sends the spicy-sweet flavor home.

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A Beautiful Mess No-Bake Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies

Why we love it: Just when you thought the fall pumpkin craze was over, you’ve come to experience these beauties. They almost all use the same tricks as any no-bake peanut butter alternative, just replacing everyone’s favorite fall / winter ingredient. You are eight ingredients from the delight.

Hero Ingredient: I have to call nutmeg the hero ingredient of any recipe that uses it. It enhances the earthy flavor of the pumpkin while adding a sweet and sour little bite of its own.

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Fed + Fit No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Why we love it: If you want a cookie that doesn’t sacrifice taste for a little nutritional sparkle, these are the ones for you. While they certainly don’t compare to your favorite, nutrient-dense kale salad, when I want something sweet I always turn to these. They rely on the classic no-bake combo of peanut butter, oats, and something sticky like honey or maple syrup as a binder. I’m always here for a foolproof recipe.

Hero Ingredient: Because I am writing this summary, I have no shame in calling peanut butter as the hero ingredient in more than one recipe.

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How Sweet Eats No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

Why we love it: If the word “peanut butter cup” is in the name of the recipe, I know I have to try it. The Reese are hands down the * best * Halloween / Christmas / Valentine’s treat. While I can easily unwrap a cup of peanut butter and chocolatey sweetness anytime I want, sometimes I need a little less… artificial candy. When it does, these cookies come into play. Also, prepare to have your mind blown away by the secret ingredient.

Hero Ingredient: CEREAL. Yes, every kid’s favorite breakfast or snack from the ’90s is back and better than ever. The expected swap of grains for oats makes them a bit lighter and crispier than traditional no-bake ones. It’s recipes like this that remind me why I love my food processor so much.

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