Tahini Semifreddo’s recipe: a no-bake dessert



For the uninitiated, a semifreddo is a half-frozen dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, and cream, and that’s my idea of ​​a really good time. It’s similar to ice cream, reminiscent of pudding or mousse, but much easier to make. And it’s creamy, velvety, and endlessly adaptable – a semifreddo can be flavored in any way you can imagine, from strawberries to lemons and amaretto. But my all-time favorite version is just as perfect for hot temperatures as it is cooler – it calls for tahini, is sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, and is simply delicious.

While there are several ways to assemble a semifreddo, this particular recipe only requires a handful of ingredients – most of which you probably already have in your pantry – and does not require any fancy equipment (ice maker, I’m looking at you !) .

To start, you’ll make a simple tahini whipped cream, sweetened with a little sugar and seasoned with a pinch of salt to bring out both the sweet and savory flavors of the sesame seeds. Some semifreddos calling for tahini require you to fold it later in the process, but I find the sesame spread fits better if you whip it with the heavy cream. The egg yolks and sugar are then reheated on the stovetop and beaten in a stand mixer until ribbons form when you lift the beaters. Once cooled, this mixture is folded in whipped cream, along with a few mini chocolate chips, then transferred to a loaf pan (although you can divide it into ramekins, if you’re feeling that cute pie, individual dessert) .

After 8 hours in the freezer, the freddo slices – as I like to call it – are served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, a pinch of toasted sesame seeds, or additional mini chips (or all three). If tahini isn’t your thing, you can substitute for the peanut butter – or leave it out – and instead add a few teaspoons of vanilla to the whipped cream, leaving you with a pretty nugget semi-freddo. of chocolate. Bottom line: This is an adaptable, easy (despite its fancy Italian name) prep recipe and a refreshing drink that might be a crowd-pleaser that just might be your new choice when you feel like it. of a humble scoop of ice cream.


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