Swansea armed robbery suspect arrested, Rhode Island

SWANSEA – A suspect in an attempted armed robbery in Swansea was arrested today in Warren, Rhode Island, in connection with another attempted armed robbery.

According to Swansea Police Chief Marc Haslam, Devin Vieira, 22, de Warren was arrested on a pending warrant in connection with the attempted robbery of Swansea McDonald’s on December 7, along with the new charges to Warren.

Vieira is accused by Swansea Police of attempting to rob McDonald’s on James Reynolds Road. At around 7 p.m. on December 7, police were called to the restaurant after a man allegedly approached a cashier asking for money. The cashier refused and the suspect fled.

Haslam said after the director of McDonald’s reviewed the surveillance footage, they were able to provide a still image of the suspect to police. The image was shared with surrounding law enforcement agencies, and Warren’s Police Lt. Christopher Perreault identified Vieira as the suspect after he was arrested there as part of another attempted theft at armed hand.

Vieira is scheduled to appear in court in Rhode Island, and the process is underway to extradite him to Massachusetts.

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