Sugarfina’s Halloween 2022 collection includes a spooky new treat

Sugarfina has just launched its Halloween 2022 collection, featuring best-selling favorites from years past alongside an all-new candy. The confectionery’s seasonal range features a mix of sweet and sour candies in flavors ranging from fruity to chocolatey to satisfy every craving.

Customers will see a return of fan favorites like Sugar Skulls imported from Sweden – raspberry-flavored sour candies – and Zombie Brains imported from Germany – strawberry gummy candies shaped like brains. Dracula’s donuts are made of round, bite-sized pieces of cereal, coated in milk and dark chocolate and topped with sprinkles. And brand new this year, Graveyard Cookies: miniature sandwich cookies coated in a mix of white and dark chocolates.

Your favorite spooky candies can be ordered from the Sugarfina website, individually or in value packs. Don’t know what to try? Check out the sample pack, which includes Sugar Skulls, Graveyard Cookies, Zombies Brains and Apple Frogs – tart apple and vanilla flavored gummies. Do you feel generous? Treat the neighborhood kids this Halloween with the Trick-or-Treaters Zombie Brain Pack.

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