Subway revamps its menu and offers free subs

A certain sandwich company is finally taking the guesswork out of their ordering process.

On Tuesday, July 5, Subway unveiled a line of 12 all-new signature sandwiches that can be ordered by name or number, a first for the company. These options, which they call the Subway Series, range from classic and easily recognizable favorites like “The Philly,” a sub featuring steak, peppers, onions, mayonnaise, and a double dose of provolone cheese, to newcomers with stylish names like ‘The Boss’, ‘Bella Mozza’ and ‘The Outlaw’. The latter looks like it was made for Clint Eastwood, except it’s all good without the bad or the ugly : steak, pepper, onion, chipotle Baja sauce and twice the pepper jack cheese on a toast All you have to do to order this sammy sub is to go to the counter and say “the number 2 , please”.

“The Subway Series is the most ambitious venture in company history as we revamp the nearly 60-year-old plan that helped make Subway a global phenomenon,” said Trevor Haynes, president of Subway North America, in a press release. He also said that customers can still request their own custom designs, but now have the option to leave sub-making to a sandwich artist with the simple removal of a sandwich number or name.

According to Subway, this new rollout is the result of more than a year of testing sandwiches and hundreds of recipes before its culinary team settled on these 12 pillars of lunchtime heritage. Featuring over 20 new and refreshed ingredients, these 12 sandwiches are divided into four categories – Cheesesteaks, Italianos, Chicken and Clubs – with three sandwiches in each category.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this new rollout is how Subway plans to celebrate its revamped new menu. On July 12, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. local time, Subway will be giving away up to 1 million free 6-inch Subway sandwiches from its Subway Series menu, so sandwich lovers should hop on their local Subway if they’re interested in scoring a free meal.

The move comes a year after another overhaul of the nearly 21,000-store strong sandwich chain, refreshing nearly a dozen ingredients and revamping 10 of its original sandwiches. It also comes a year after some controversial but debunked claims about the chain’s tuna and bread made viral headlines and inspired thoughts galore.

Overall, less pressure in the subway queue can relieve customers who can’t decide what they want, sweating from the front as people behind them in the line tap their feet impatiently. Yet to the woman who wants to fend off the Twitterverse by ordering a cucumber and olive sandwich or the man who wants to shock the universe (and his intestinal tract) by ordering chocolate chip cookie crumbles on his sub vegetarian: you can always get it your way.

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