Snacks and treats to make your 4/20 that much better

4/20 is a special holiday where we all take a little extra time to enjoy the world around us with the help of our friend, marijuana. The push to legalize marijuana nationwide is growing, and the House of Representatives recently passed a bill open the way to this reality.

As Americans wait to see how the Senate will react, one thing is certain, Americans are ready for legal recreational marijuana. According to a study, 63% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, so it makes sense. Forty-nine percent of Americans have tried marijuana according to another study, which is the highest number ever recorded.

With this growing interest, we know there’s definitely also an increased appetite for one of the best parts of this business: snack foods. So we’d like to offer some of our favorite Latin snacks to make that part of the experience more enjoyable this 4/20. Some of these snacks are pre-packaged for convenience and some will require a little work in the kitchen for those of you who love to cook and to cook. Take a moment and dive into the splendor of the food you can enjoy between puffs.


Pao de Queijo

This Brazilian Cheese Bread is just *the chef’s kiss*. They are squishy, ​​chewy and cheesy giving you a sensory experience. do these is easy and you can make bite-size pieces out of them so you can chew them easily. There is even box mixes for you to use. You can also dip them in your favorite sauce or salsa to make them even more delicious. Treat yourself today and have a little fun in the kitchen with these delicious pieces of heaven.


Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake takes texture to a whole new level. If you’ve ever consumed this delicious treat, you know how splendid it can be even when you’re not celebrating 4/20. The richness of this dessert is unmatched and worthy of being invited to every party. Imagine the pleasure in your friend’s eyes when he sees you walk into the room with the holy grail of Latin desserts. Instant best friend status.



Mexican street corn hits differently after a group smoke session. It’s an interactive and collaborative effort, which is a great way to make memories with your friends. Imagine the laughs that would come from working together to put the elote together with all the sauces and cheese additions to a grilled corn cob. You can always go a step further and satisfy your stoner cravings by using Takis or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to sprinkle on your elotes.


Plantain chips

For those of you who prefer a salty treat to go with your pot, nothing beats the crunch of a good potato chip snack. Instead of looking for the same old chips, offer your team some plantain chips. The salt sprinkled on the chips is an exciting addition to the natural sweetness that comes from frying the plantain slices. Pair it with some olive oil mixed with chopped white onion and you’ve just become an artisan stoner diet.



If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has easy access to paletas, this is a can’t-miss snack on 4/20. Popsicles come in many different flavors, from mango and chamoy to pepino and lemon. Keep your mouth fresh and fight your cottonmouth with one of these delicious treats. If you were prepared enough to prepare them in advance, we salute you. This kind of planning for 4/20 is admirable and we want to be your friend.


Guava paste

Guava paste is a staple in all Cuban cuisines and can be used in many different desserts. You can eat it as is if you prefer a quicker way to eat. The sweet and tangy flavor of this paste will make your mouth water, which is a good way to combat dry mouth. If you want to get fancy, bake your butter cookies and pile on some guava paste and cream cheese for an easy snack that’s out of this world.


Pelon Pelo Rico

This Mexican candy comes with a little sweet and a little spicy, the best of both worlds. Most of us can remember at least once in our lives where they debuted and the playful flavor combination is paramount. Plus, the hair up is guaranteed to keep you entertained while taking a break to celebrate the holidays. Bring on the laughs with this Mexican treat. You will not regret it.

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