School lunch and dinner menus from March 28 to April 1 | Education

Breakfast and lunch menus for the week of March 28 to April 1

Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools

Monday: French dip sandwich, au jus, tri tater, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Chicken alfredo, bread roll, vegetables, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Breakfast burrito with egg and cheese, small smokies, vegetables, fruits, milk.

Thursday: Chicken patty on a bun, tater tots, fruit, milk.

Friday: Quesadilla with cheese, vegetables, fruits, milk.

Fremont Public Schools

Monday: French toast sticks, sausage, syrup, baked tartars, peaches, box of fruit juice, milk.

Tuesday: French garlic bread pizza, green beans, carrots, fruit mix, milk.

Wednesday: Taco casserole with fries, corn, baby carrots, romaine lettuce, cup of pudding, milk.

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Thursday: Hot dog on a bun, peas, oven fries, diced pears, Doritos, milk.

Friday: Cheese pizza, vanilla snack, baby carrots, mixed vegetables, cup of applesauce, milk.

Cedar Bluffs Public Schools

Monday: Pop-Tart; Hot dog.

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs; drumstick and mashed potatoes.

Wednesday: Eggos; Hamburger.

Thursday: choice of chef; cook’s choice.

Friday: Turnover; Pizza.

Logan View Public Schools

Monday: Mini waffles; popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, bun.

Tuesday: Eggs; cheeseburger, macaroni.

Wednesday: Pizza lunch; chicken sandwich, tri tater.

Thursday: Egg Tornadoes; Quesadilla.

Friday: Donuts; popcorn shrimp or tuna croissant or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Public Mead Schools

Monday: Breakfast bar; mini corn dogs, baked beans, triangle potato, applesauce, chocolate chip cookie.

Tuesday: Cinnamon bun; chicken sandwich, corn, tropical fruits, sugar cookie.

Wednesday: Mini-bagels; nacho supreme, green beans, grapes, peanut butter sandwich.

Thursday: Nutrition bar; French dip, tater tots, tropical fruits, Rice Krispie candy.

North Bend Central Schools

Monday: Pretzel with cheese sauce; charcuterie with sandwich and fries.

Tuesday: Pop Tarts; macho nachos.

Wednesday: Power bites; bunza and green beans.

Thursday: chef’s choice; chef’s choice.

Scribner-Snyder Public Schools

Monday: Combo bar; beef patty, mashed potatoes, green beans, pears.

Tuesday: Frudel with cherries; burgers, fries, baked beans, mixed fruit.

Wednesday: long johns; tater tot bar, cooked broccoli, cookies, pineapple.

Friday: cereals/toasts; fish sandwich, fries, corn, peaches.

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