School lunch and dinner menus from February 14 to 18 | Education

Breakfast and lunch menus for the week of February 14-18

Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools

Monday: breaded pork patty on a bun, tater tots, vegetables, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Chicken taquito, tri tater, vegetables, fruits, milk.

Wednesday: Sub-sandwich with meatballs, curly fries, vegetables, fruits, milk.

Thursday: Hot ham and cheese sandwich, curly fries, fruits, vegetables, milk.

Fremont Public Schools

Monday: French toast in syrup, sausage, juice box, tri tater, mixed fruit, milk.

Tuesday: chicken nuggets, cornbread muffin, broccoli, peaches, milk.

Wednesday: Breaded beef patty, mashed potatoes and sauce, roll, carrots, pears, milk.

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Cedar Bluffs Public Schools

Monday: Scrambled eggs and sausages; pork nachos.

Tuesday: Cinnamon buns; charcuterie and soup submarine.

Wednesday: Pizza lunch; turkey gravy day.

Thursday: Muffins; meat lovers pizza.

Friday: Breakfast on a Stick; chicken popcorn.

Logan View Public Schools

Monday: Banana Bread; hot beef, mashed potatoes.

Tuesday: Eggs; alfredo chicken, breadstick.

Wednesday: Pizza lunch; burgers, fries.

Thursday: Oatmeal rings; pepperoni calzone.

Friday: donut; no school.

Public Mead Schools

Monday: Breakfast bar; hot dog, baked beans, potato wedge, peaches, chocolate chip cookie.

Tuesday: Long Johns; sloppy joe, tater tots, mixed fruit, sugar cookie.

Wednesday: Grilled cheese; mac and cheese, peas, cherry pies, tea bun.

Thursday: Turnover; turkey sub sandwich, Doritos, apple slices, oatmeal cookie.

Friday: Scrambled eggs and ham; burrito, green beans, orange slices, peanut butter sandwich.

Oakland-Craig Public Schools

Monday: breakfast pizza with bacon and eggs, fruit, juice, milk; pizza, salad, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Crêpe on a stick, cereals, fruit, milk; mini corn dogs, crinkle fries, vegetables, fruits, milk.

Wednesday: Cheese omelette, cubed hash browns, toast, fruit, milk; popcorn chicken, fries, vegetables, fruits, milk.

Thursday: French toast, sausages, cereals, fruit, milk; rotini with meat sauce, vegetables, fruits, garlic bread, milk.

Scribner-Snyder Public Schools

Monday: Cookies and gravy; hamburger macaroni, bun, green beans, fruit mix.

Tuesday: Pop Tarts; chicken taco, rice, lettuce, apricots.

Wednesday: Sandwich lunch; tater tot bar, cooked broccoli, cookies, pineapple.

Thursday: Frudel with cherries; burger pizza, fries, corn, peaches.

Friday: cereals/toasts; burgers, fries, baked beans, pears.

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