REVIEW: Don’t miss the PB&J “No Chance In Hell” at the Carnival Courtyard booth at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 30


There are two carnival-themed carnival-themed food stalls on Halloween Horror Nights 30, and we stopped in the carnival courtyard to try some fried treats.

The stands are in the streets of New York, opposite Battery Park. The stand on the left is Jack’s Place and the stand on the right is Carnival Courtyard.


Carnival Court

  • 🆕 No “luck” in hell PB&J: Fried peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with a drizzle of warm honey – $ 6.99
  • Dr. Pinetti’s Confetti Battered Oreos: Hand-dipped cookies in confetti cake batter, deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar – $ 6.99
  • Tiny’s Twinkies: Fried cupcakes filled with cream and dusted with powdered sugar – $ 5.99

* NEW * No “luck” in hell PB&J – $ 6.99

fried peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with a drizzle of warm honey


It was one of the best things we have had so far at HHN. Who knew? The peanut butter and jelly inside is just perfectly hot and gooey.


The fried exterior provides a nice crispy crunch, but the sandwich still retains the softness of the interior bread. We could hear the toasted “crackle” when we parted. There isn’t too much hot honey, but red pepper flakes are sprinkled on top. If you have a bite where these hit your tongue, you’ll get a bit of heat, but overall it wasn’t spicy.


Add this to HHN’s must-eat list. The price isn’t that bad since you get a unique and delicious food, but it’s still $ 6.99 for 1 Uncrustables. We would pay for that any day; this is how crazy we are (about this PB&J).

Dr. Pinetti’s Confetti Wrapped Oreos – $ 6.99

cookies hand dipped in confetti cake batter, fried and dusted with powdered sugar


We never met a deep friend Oreo that we didn’t like. They weren’t the best we have ever had, but they were still excellent.


The confetti batter was a nice touch, though, and you can see the colorful confetti pieces around the Oreo. They are dusted with powdered sugar and are sweet and delicious.


The serving comes with four, which is perfect for sharing! It is great value for the price. We only wish there was a side of chocolate sauce for dipping or a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top.

Tiny Twinkies – $ 5.99

fried cupcakes filled with cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar


You get a Twinkie, and it’s pretty basic, just fried and sprinkled with sugar. We love Fried Twinkies, but it didn’t impress us as much as PBJ and Oreos.

We recommend all of these snacks, but PBJ is a must-have if you only have to choose one.

Carnival Courtyard booth location at Halloween Horror Nights 30

The Carnival Courtyard food stand is located near Battery Park in New York City, as indicated by the orange star on the map below.


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