REVIEW: Christmas Tim Black Tea Cream & Berry Cookie Sandwich is a surprisingly delicious holiday treat at Universal Studios Japan

While we might not be so familiar with him in the US, Minions go with their adorable teddy bear Tim at Universal Studios Japan, with plenty of merchandise to go with it. So when we got a taste of the new Tim Black Tea Cream & Berry Cookie Sandwich Christmas Sandwich for the holidays, we just couldn’t say no!

Christmas Tim Black Tea Cream & Berry Cookie Sandwich – 600 ($ 5.29)


The cookie sandwich is from Delicious Me in Minion Park, right next to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem. Tim’s adorable teddy bear head forms the shape of the cookie, with printed button eyes, nose, and tongue. The wrapper around it includes a Santa hat, Christmas trees, wreaths and a plaid pattern on the back reminiscent of cozy winter clothes.


Pulling out half of the sandwich reveals this rather disheveled and easily moved inside filling, with blueberries, maraschino cherries and a few small pieces of strawberry. Under the berries, barely visible, is the gray black tea cream.

Surprisingly, these two flavors complement each other quite well. The black tea is strong enough to offset the generally overwhelming flavor of the berries, creating a delicious sweet and savory combination perfect for a quick bite on the way to Minion orientation with Gru. The downside, however, is that the hard cookies that make up the buns can easily move the berries inside, causing many berries to drop if you’re not careful. Keep the wrapper handy, either as a rock catcher or as a way to hold the cookie the way the park intended, because you will definitely need it. Overall, we highly recommend it for a touch of originality when visiting Universal Studios Japan.


The packaging, even without the cookie, is also quite adorable, especially with the stray banana bunches.

You can find these cookies at Delicious Me until the end of the Christmas season in January. Would you like to try this combination of black tea and berries? Let us know in the comments!

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