Recommended Reading: Extend The Holiday Season With These Heartwarming Novels

Fancy a calorie-free treat? Here are recommendations from some of the wonderful new reads in the Christmas Cookies series. Extend the holiday season with these heartwarming stories, including Cookies to die for snow (recipe included).

A homecoming with maple cookies

by Judy Ann Davis

Can you ever go home? Julien Franklin recently left the military and returned to his hometown of Linden, Vermont with a new puppy he named Mozart. He plans to stay “for a while” and renovate his adoptive parents’ house. He’s not ready to see Natalie Pinkett again. She was the one he regretted having run away. Now, years later, a lot of life has happened to them both, changed them both. Is there a possibility that they could rekindle their friendship, or even their cursed romance? What surprises do you have in store for the renovation of the house? Plans to stay awhile will be lengthened or shortened as her heart dictates.

Former high school sweethearts begin to reconcile over coffee and their forever favorite treat, maple cookies. Natalie runs her bookstore and rents the rooms above for extra money. She herself returned home after becoming a widow. She wants to raise her daughter in her own hometown. Julien looks for accommodation and moves into this apartment. The couple will remain in close contact, especially as Natalie’s daughter and Mozart quickly become friends.

Judy Ann Davis, the author of this charming story, depicts a small town and the details that make it unique. It’s easy to see why he’s a magnet for those characters who grew up there. The author creates intriguing characters and presents them to the reader, then slowly peels away the layers and reveals more and more about their origins, desires, dreams and buried secrets. As the plot progresses, the ripple effects of one person’s life on the lives of others are beautifully shown and thought-provoking. It’s such a gripping story, and it sparks an interesting debate about the possibilities and explores the idea of ​​the idyllic if you ever come home.

Merry Little Wishing Spritz

by Cherie Colyer

Cassie is about to lose everything. A big change threatens her present and her plans for her future. The house and job she loves faces a large yellow construction crane and plans for demolition, according to a premonitory vision leaked by her friend. Lakeside Books is a lovely store and living above it is perfectly suited to Cassie in the idyllic town of Mystic Creek. She had a beloved history with this bookstore and Bea, the current owner. On the verge of grief, his thoughts darken towards the anonymous buyer. The wrath of a witch like Cassie can be a worry, except that she’s bound by magic rules, or can those rules be extended?

Cassie and her friend just baked a batch of special cookies used to cast a dream come true spell. Deciding that it’s worth a try, Cassie throws in with enthusiasm and with the best of intentions. What could go wrong? Just like Cassie, you’ll be surprised at the response to this.

The first surprise is the beautiful new visitor to the city who is also very interested in the bookstore. Cassie’s attraction to this man grows stronger as she gets to know him better. She also has her own rules to apply in this aspect of her life. This dear witch has sworn not to date mortals. In this case, it is a difficult decision to make; romance has a magic all of its own.

It doesn’t take long before Cassie has her hands full to smooth out the wrinkles caused by her good mood spell. Some of the effects are unexpected and don’t seem to be happening due to its actions alone. Does anyone else do magic?

Author Cherie Colyer writes a delightful and alluring romance that plays from page to page as the reader frolic through the story of this charming witch Cassie. You’ll want to linger on each page with its vivid descriptions, sweet humor, and characters that you’ll wish were friends living in your own hometown. Spend the holidays with them in this happy little read.

Snickerdoodle snowmen

by Sarita Leone

It’s the busiest time of year at the North Pole, Alaska. Baker Kris Kringles certainly feels the pressure of deadlines as she prepares, packs and ships snickerdoodles all over the world. Keeping busy means she can make the wishes of all those people waiting for their candy come true, and she can bury her secret regrets in her job. She certainly doesn’t want to share the secret she’s hiding with anyone, and she doesn’t want to share it with her sometimes intrusive sister. After all, what good is a sister who believes in magic and happy endings?

The great New York journalist Santos Kloss does not hide his feelings about Christmas – hell bullshit! This is his last assignment before he leaves and with all the bad luck he is sent to the North Pole to do a report on Snickerdoodle snowmen from a certain world famous baker. He is not happy, but he will fulfill his last obligations.

The flour flies when these two strong-willed characters meet on the snow-capped terrain of the North Pole. It is the time of miracles, in the clear and icy tundra. Will a miracle bring peace between these two? Do they have something to afford that they didn’t even realize they might be missing out on? How could this have happened between two strangers, both so deeply rooted in their habits? It is the North Pole after all.

This author skillfully injects delicious humor into a sweet and romantic book. The frame is designed so vividly that you’ll want a steaming mug of hot chocolate nearby as you gleefully devour each page. The characters will steal your heart, including a mischievous sister who wants nothing but good. This dear story is absolutely a must have for stocking stuffers and a post holiday treat.

Krampus and the Kolaches

by JD Douwes

It’s anything but an expedition of harmonious chants, but these characters know how to make a reader have a good time. It was so much fun joining Khalie and her quirky group of friends on their way to the Figgy Pudding event and singing contest. They are all excited with the seasons, and so am I reading their antics in this vibrant and witty story.

One of the friends, Dina, brought her son Fred. He’s a mischievous pixie and Dina denies his pranks. This is when the action goes crazy. Who shows up as the sparks fly? Krampus appears. Of course, this is the costume that Khalie’s boyfriend Harry intended to wear for the Christmas carol event. His hairy appearance scares Fred, who runs away. Krampus helps Santa Claus by scaring the bad guys.

The hunt for Fred begins and reveals such a crazy adventure throughout the holiday event. Everyone also wants to taste Khalie’s delicious kolaches, but she has to deliver them intact to the event’s bake sale. It turns out to be easier said than done. Along the way, Khalie notices some curious idiosyncrasies about Harry in the Krampus costume. What’s wrong with him? What indeed? It’s very annoying, but some of the changes are actually endearing. With all the crowd and the commotion, will they find Fred? What wickedness will he have caused?

By the end of this crazy race, you will have exercised your funny bone. The mystery of the Krampus will be revealed and it will warm your heart. This author has created a delicious holiday story filled with funny characters.

– By Wendy Kendall

Wendy Kendall is an author for The Wild Rose Press. Its mysteries include Kat Out of the Bag and the prequel Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash. His latest ebook is Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For.

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