Ranking of the 21 best chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Neuhaus Belgian chocolates are truly definitive Belgian chocolates, which have been in production since 1857, although Jean Neuhaus got his start in chocolate making a little differently than most other chocolatiers on this list. After studying medicine and moving to Brussels, he opened a pharmacy where he covered many medicines in chocolate to make them more accessible to his patients (via Neuhaus). It is a medical diet that we can follow. Taking the concept one step further, Neuhaus’ grandson came up with the idea of ​​replacing the medicine with a nicer filling, creating the very first praline-filled chocolate in 1912.

Today, Neuhaus is a global company, but every chocolate is still made in Belgium. If you haven’t had Neuhaus chocolate praline, imagine a silky smooth milk chocolate that’s just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without being too sweet, filled with a hazelnut rich praline and just as smooth. In short, if you love Nutella, you will quite like these chocolates.

There are currently 15 Valentine’s Day specific offers of Neuhaus, including hand-rolled truffles, boxes of the complete assortment of Neuhaus chocolates and a “love mailbox” of chocolates that we are particularly passionate about. It contains three different flavors of heart-shaped chocolates, which include milk almond sesame, bergamot black pepper and red cherry hazelnut. The prices are higher, ranging from $24.90 for a ¼ pound box of 10-piece chocolates to $186.90 for an 84-piece box of heart-shaped chocolates.

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