People are trying to sell these ‘super rare’ Oreos Pokémon for $ 1,000


It wouldn’t be very exciting to “catch them all” if all 16 Pokémon characters could be found in a single Oreo pack. That’s why Pokémon, from Pikachu to Charmander, appear randomly in each assortment – and why some characters are particularly hard to find, according to one. Press release. The most prized character is Mew, a cute creature with psychic powers (via Pokemon), and people go to great lengths to find it. If you think that, surely, a single Mew Oreo couldn’t be resold for more than $ 20, think again.

A quick eBay Research shows that the selling prices of the rare cookie range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Surprisingly, a SEO starts auction at $ 25,000 (although seller notes half of the proceeds will be donated to charity). Other announcements are for different characters as well as full packages. While the starting bids seem extremely high, a glance at eBay sales completed shows that most cookies cost less than $ 100. However, who knows how prices will go up when there are fewer and fewer cookies on the market? Or maybe people will start to realize that they are just hanging on to the crumbs and decide to move on to the next trend.

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