Our Favorite Foods from the State Fair of Texas


Check out our preview of the latest fried creations from the State Fair of Texas, new belt not included.

It’s that time of year again in Texas. The Texas State Fair kicks off September 24 for 24 days of excitement. Until October 17, visitors will flock to the historic Fair Park for cattle shows, carnival rides, live music, the Texas Auto Show, and a few football games in between.

But there’s a reason people really love the State Fair of Texas: the fried foods. The State Fair of Texas is known for taking culinary creativity to new heights, and this year is no exception. In 2020, the Big Tex Choice Awards were held virtually, where fans could vote for their favorites from the past 16 years. The winner, Texas Fried Fritos Pie, took home the trophy.

Each year 10 creative fried foods are celebrated as Big Tex Choice Awards finalists and are sold during the fair. And this year, we’re giving you a taste of it.

We hope you have an extra belt hole, or two, ready.

Le Tatou (Best Taste – Sweet)

It’s a cookie butter and armadillo ice cream sandwich, all of you! The middle is a buttery cookie semifreddo made from scratch (an Italian version of ice cream which means semi-frozen). Then it’s drizzled with cookie butter before being sandwiched between two fried armadillo-shaped cookies. And a dusting of buttery sugar tops it off. I never thought I would love the tiny state mammal of Texas so much.

Fried seafood okra balls (best taste – salty and most creative)

It is a family recipe handed down for four generations. It mixes a dark, rich and flavorful roux with gulf coast shrimp, cooked chicken, blue crab meat and andouille sausage, then rolled in savory crackers and deep fried bread dough. Served with a dark red okra sauce, chicken fried okra spears, savory crackers and a small bottle of hot sauce.

Brittle chest

If Peanut Brittle and Texas Breast got married and had a baby, that would be this sweet finalist. It combines the buttery, crunchy, rich and sweet flavors of peanut brittle with the smoky goodness of Texas brisket.

Fried halloween

A large, fluffy fried pretzel forms the basis for this Halloween candy explosion. Bathed in sweet corn syrup with a torrential rain shower of rainbow sprinkles and powdered sugar, it features a festive orange and white buttercream center with a monstrous stack of favorite Halloween candy on it. above.

Crispy Crazy Corn

This will make a great savory snack if you don’t like sweets so much. The whole kernel sweet corn is individually breaded and fried and given a pinch of special seasoning. But to increase the heat, slowly smoked pulled pork is added. Topped with tangy pineapple coleslaw, topped with a drizzle of freshly made jalapeño cream and a pinch of cilantro.

I-35 fried

This concoction combines sweet and savory to pay homage to the road trip in Texas. First, the fried kolache paste is topped with smoked beef brisket. Next, a peach juice and Dr Pepper barbecue frosting are drizzled with the brisket kolache. It is garnished with slices of peach and a dusting of powdered sugar. A roadworthy item, but we will not make you try to eat it in the car.

Other Big Texas Choice Award finalists

Lucky Duck Dumplin
Pork Shots
Texas Pumpkin Poke Cake
Fernie’s Crispy Coffee and Fried Caramel Cake

For more information on the State Fair of Texas, visit the event’s website.

Photograph: (All images) Courtesy of Texas State Fair

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