Oreo Pokémon cookies sell for thousands of dollars on eBay


Oreo has again sparked a sugar rush on eBay with the release of its latest limited-edition cookie, a collaboration with Pokémon. But to catch these pocket monsters can take hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Nabisco – Oreo’s parent company – published the Pokémon-themed sandwich cookies earlier this month. The cookies feature depictions of 16 of the video game’s most popular characters, including the electric mouse Pikachu and the fire-breathing lizard Charmander. Cookies from some characters, such as Dratini, Lapras and the mythical Pokémon Mew, are “harder to find than others,” according to the snack maker.

Pokéman fanatics and other collectors have already grabbed a lot of cookies, which are now being resold on eBay at exponentially higher prices. Individual cookies are Go for hundreds of dollars, while sealed packages are Dear by tens of thousands.

Granted, Pokémon cookies taste like classic Oreo cookies. They also look the same for the most part, with the only difference being that one side of each cookie has an image of a Pokémon character instead of the traditional Oreo brand logo.

Oreo is capitalizing on a resurgent craze for Pokémon cards, said Dani Sanchez, a YouTube content creator in Los Angeles who has been collecting them for more than 15 years. Galvanized by nostalgia, Pokémaniacs returned to buying and selling old collectible cards online with a revenge. Pokémon cards were once worth a dollar 20 years ago now sell for $ 200,000, Sanchez told CBS MoneyWatch.

Dani Sanchez, an avid Pokémon trading card collector, bought you sealed packs of Pokémon Oreos from a Ralph’s supermarket in Los Angeles. Cookies sell for thousands of dollars on eBay.

Dani Sanchez

With the Oreo x Pokémon collaboration, “You have the potential to find the rare Pokémon there, and that obviously makes it more fun for people who like to collect things,” she said.

The highest-priced cookie on eBay is Mew, the rarest of the bunch, with a dozen sellers listing it for $ 25,000 and a seller looking for $ 30,000. Hundreds of Mew Oreos have already been sold, according to eBay listings.

“The rarity of embossed patterns on cookies ranges from easy to find to hard to find, and the hardest to find (Mew) is in an extremely limited amount of the total cookies produced,” Oreo said in a statement. The choice to make Mew the most limited character in the collaboration draws on video game mythology.

“Mew has always been this legendary Pokémon,” said Sanchez, who has purchased three sealed packs of Pokémon Oreos from Ralph’s in Los Angeles and plans to keep them as collectibles. “Because he was so powerful and they said he was the creator of the universe and everything, they always made Mew very evasive and something of a myth.”

Customers can still to buy their own pack of Pokémon Oreos in grocery stores or on the Oreo website, but the company did not say how long the cookies will be available.

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