Oreo lovers are divided over his new cookie ad

If you like the extra cream filling in your Oreos but turn to a thinner chocolate wafer cookie, a new take on the classic Nabisco might make you sit a little taller. Earlier today, Oreo shared a video about the two Instagram and Twitter heralding the debut of Oreo Thins Extra Stuf cookies, an Oreo Thins mashup, featuring thinner chocolate wafers, and Double or Mega Stuf varieties, which feature an additional cream filling (via Large open dishes). And judging by the comments on both articles, the reactions on the internet are mixed.

Some people think that Thins Extra Stuf is hardly a variation of regular old Oreos. “So … a regular Oreo?” @ islasr117 commented on the Instagram post. “Disappointed. With all the hype, I expected better,” @ connoiss.oreo wrote.

Others have claimed that the allure of an Oreo Thin is just that: the fact that it’s thinner on cookies and cream. “Less cream is what makes skinny good,” @ N7bby wrote on Twitter. “Not hyped. I don’t think the cream is the best part of the cookie,” @ele_ene commented on the Instagram post.

Still, some Oreo fans were excited about the new combo. “We’re an Oreo Thin and Double Stuf Oreo family lol keep up the good work,” @ FeistyMama51 wrote on Twitter. ” Yum ! I look forward ! Added @RadioArcherr. As for us ? Color us intrigued enough to pick up a pack and see.

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