OREO announces a new flavor based on a favorite coffee

Adding to its fun side, OREO has just announced another new limited-edition flavor. Appearing on his TikTok channel, the short video could have made anyone thirsty. Just like those whipped coffees had everyone running for a cup, these new sandwich cookies are a coffee lover’s dream come true.

As seen on the TikTok post, the new limited edition cookie flavor is the Mocha Caramel Latte Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. The reveal was really fun. It was the perfect poured drink.

The brand describes the new OREO flavor as “two rich cream players of mocha latte and caramel.” This layered approach has been seen in other cookies. This allows each flavor to stand out while blending together.

Thinking about this flavor, it would be delicious dunked in milk. This classic jumpsuit brings back many childhood memories.

At the same time, it also appeals to older fans. Although not the same as that morning, the flavor brings coffee vibes. Not quite fancy, but it’s a flavor that makes eating a cookie a real treat.

Going back to other previous flavors, this offer seems to take into account food trends but also flavors that are becoming classics. This mocha and caramel idea has become a coffee staple.

The new limited edition Mocha Caramel Latte Chocolate Sandwich Cookies will be available in April 2022. If this flavor is a must, it’s best to buy a container before it’s gone.

While many people will be talking about the new flavor, it’s interesting that OREO chose to use its TikTok channel for the exclusive announcement. The social media platform has become a source for all things food. Even though people have never posted once, those same people can’t help but watch all those cooking videos and learn the many food hacks. This idea could be a new trend for food brands.

What do you think of the new chocolate mocha-caramel-latte sandwich cookies? Will you be looking to buy two packages?

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