Ocean County Iconic Burger King Whopper is 37 cents

Recently we have seen some Burger King restaurants close and some Burger King restaurants open. Here in Ocean County, we’ve actually added two Burger King locations in Forked River. One along the Garden State Parkway and the other along Route 9 in Lacey Township.

My immediate thoughts on Burger King go back to when my dad was alive. He preferred Burger King to McDonnald’s and if he wanted to do “fast food” his choice was Burger King. Usually the Burger King along Route 37 in Toms River. Later, he would frequent the Burger King on route 72 in Manahawkin… which closed.

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Unsplash.com Ilya Mashkov

Well if you were like my dad and are a fan of the Burger King Whopper, you will be doing a market this weekend. Burger King is celebrating its anniversary with a special on the iconic Whopper. Burger King was founded in 1957 and to celebrate its 64th birthday (almost at retirement age lol) is offering Whopper specials today and tomorrow.

To celebrate their anniversary, Burger King will sell Whoppers at their original price, according to a United States today item, 37 cents for a limited time. On December 3 and 4 (today and Saturday) the Whopper will sell for its original 1957 price at 37 cents.

Keep in mind that you need the BK app to redeem and you need to be a member of their new Burger King Royal Perks loyalty program. Account registration is also required for the transaction and yes there is a limit of one per account. Enjoy your 1957 burger 🍔 today and tomorrow and thank the King 👑 if you see it.

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