NH Seacoast Live Sites Receive Federal Fund Help



The New Hampshire congressional delegation announced last week that New Hampshire sites have started receiving more than $ 23.6 million in federal assistance under the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program.

This funding will reach at least 52 places across the state as part of a $ 16.25 billion national grant program to help places which has demonstrated a loss of income of at least 25% due to the pandemic, according to a press release.

The majority of Seacoast sites that have received funding are located in Portsmouth. The Friends of Music Hall received $ 1,465,365.

Fireworks from Portsmouth to Chestnut Street by Music Hall (Shawn St. Hilaire)

Here is a list of the Seacoast sites included and how much they receive:

-Stone Wood Cinema LLC, Barrington, $ 490,578

-Bright and Lyon LLC, Exeter, $ 39,722

-Coastal Concerts LLC, Hampton, $ 2,684,966

-3S Contemporary Art Space, Portsmouth, $ 259,548

-Friends of Music Hall, Portsmouth, $ 1,465,365

-New Hampshire Theater Project, Portsmouth, $ 39,865

-Prescott Park Arts Festival, Portsmouth, $ 109,449

-Seacoast Repertory Theater, Portsmouth, $ 558,992

-Union Pub Co. LLC, Portsmouth, $ 482,733

-The Rochester Opera House, Rochester, $ 527,140

The full list of Small Business Administration Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program winners is available here.

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