New bakery in Toronto makes and delivers fresh cookies in the middle of the night


A Toronto woman launched a new cookie operation with a unique approach after realizing that having cookies delivered to her house in the middle of the night was not easy.

Midnight Cookie owner Emily Banks told blogTO she was “often up quite late at night” during shutdowns and struggled to find fresh cookie options for delivery after 10pm on Uber Eats and ‘other applications.

“I’d rather find myself baking fresh cookies in the evening,” admits Banks.

Like most itchy entrepreneurs, Banks decided to launch Midnight Cookie earlier this year after spending a few months “perfecting the perfect cookie” with crunchy edges and a soft center.

Banks says all cookies are made to order to ensure freshness and always delivered hot.

“We only cook them when the order is received,” Banks explains.

In the few months that have passed since Midnight Cookie has been in business, Banks told blogTO that the reception has been “amazing” and “dramatically increased” to the point that they are constantly out of stock.

Midnight Cookie has now moved into a larger commercial kitchen in Leaside, where Conspiracy Pizza and other businesses have established a food hall that will soon be renamed East York Eats.

Banks say that with the additional capacity they are no longer selling and should be able to place orders with customers in less than an hour. They will also soon have a walk-in food counter so customers have the choice of ordering online or in person.

The cookies vary in flavors and cost $ 20 for six, $ 26 for eight, or $ 36 for a dozen.

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