Need some chicken? You can get a free 20 pound box this weekend


One of the organizations I work with is the food bank.

I don’t go to meetings often, but whenever I get an email from them about an event or a fundraising campaign or something, I make sure to forward it to you. Food insecurity is a huge problem here in Pettis County. It’s kind of one of those “hidden issues” that aren’t being addressed as well as they should be.

Often, children will be hungry and will have to rely on Buddy Packs for food on the weekends. And often, parents will be hungry to make sure their children get the food they need. Here’s a great refueling opportunity for these families. I’m sure you probably know someone who could use it.

Tyson will be hosting a free community food donation event open to the public to be held in the factory parking lot this Saturday, October 9. They will donate 20 lb boxes of chicken from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Imagine how far a twenty pound box of chicken could go with a family of four. It would take the worry out of dinner for at least a few weeks. And with a thrifty or cautious hand, it could even go a step further. So please if you know someone who is having trouble maybe they just need a little break from this problem please tell them. After all, it might just be the one little thing that could lift them up in these trying times. And hey, I’m sure I have a few recipes for chicken dinners that you can use!

Thank you Tyson for this donation. I hope the event goes well and everyone who needs it feels like a real winner – when it comes to the chicken dinner.

Chicken to you,

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