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Posted: 09/24/2021 17:42:45 PM

The sign hanging outside the Keene International Market says it all: “All bellies are welcome. “

A small golden bell rings when customers enter the store. They are greeted with crates full of imported goods, shelves full of hard-to-find spices, and shelves of candy across the pond.

The Market, nestled in downtown Keene, is the brainchild of co-owners and husband-and-wife duo Chuda Mishra and Jenna Carroll. For years, Mishra hadn’t been able to find the Nepalese ingredients he was looking for to cook dishes that brought back memories of his youth, like momos, authentic Nepalese dumplings.

Mishra began to notice that members of the Keene community were facing the same problem. So, in an unexpected positive turn of fate in the midst of the pandemic, a business began to form.

Mishra began responding to requests from friends in the Keene community, asking them what food items they couldn’t find. He would order them from home and plan pickups. Soon her spare bedroom was jam-packed with merchandise that most local New Hampshire supermarkets don’t carry.

As word spread, Mishra and Carroll saw an opportunity to turn the business they ran from their home into a brick and mortar store. Keene International Market was born.

Now, customers can take home English sandwich cookies stuffed with raspberry jam, known as Jammie Dodgers, Jamaican jerk seasoning, or a large bottle of Vietnamese fish sauce to add that umami kick to n any meal.

The feedback from the community has been tremendous.

“I think it’s going really well,” Mishra said. “[There’s] great support here, and people appreciate how much it takes to go somewhere and get the product here. So it’s pretty amazing.

All Things Considered host Peter Biello hit the road and visited the Keene International Market. He even came home with his own bundle of Jammie Dodgers.

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