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When my husband woke up he didn’t know what challah was. At lunch, he had braided his own bread as part of a couple’s baking project.

We ate all the lovely bread, which is quite a feat for a couple who bustle about every time we try to fold leaves.

I am not a baker and he does not live in the kitchen. Imagine, Pereg made it desirable to knead their “Best for Challah Flour” into “Magic Challah”.

The soft dough can be shaped into chocolate babka, cinnamon buns, rolls or puff pastry with butter for croissants. One thing at a time here, Pereg.

I’m new to it, but hey, the breads were perfect so I can go on. I love this company’s spice blends, which include the perfect cinnamon, sesame seeds I sprinkled in peanut butter for snacks, and zahtar (the spice blend I discovered after the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Everything except the Bagel with best quality garlic, poppy seeds, onion, black and white sesame seeds and comes in a shaker that you may decide to keep in your bag as you wouldn’t want no meal without him.

Go to pereg-gourmet.com for some fresh spices you’ll want to use on avocado, tomatoes, eggs, and everything, including the bagel.

Fun air fryer

Zavor your food?

The Zavor Crunch Air Fryer oven sits on your countertop and has two shelves that have been a producer of okra and fried chickpeas for me.

I’m new to the process, and it produces my favorite food texture: Crunch.

Zavor as a Facebook community so that you can interact with users who also use this brand of devices to canning tomatoes and make quick meals.

This air fryer allows a cook to remove the shelves and insert a roasting basket for a small whole chicken.

Try zavoramerica.com, which connects you to this New Jersey business.

10 reasons to love your toaster oven

Maybe you have a toaster oven or an air fryer with a toaster oven function for the holidays.

Allow her to help you and don’t become a counter space taker. America’s Test Kitchens toasted for you and published the book “Toaster Oven Perfection: A Smarter Way to Cook on a Smaller Scale.

The pictures are beautiful, the ideas and the flavors are so ‘now’ and you get solid logic as to why it all works.

I like that a top 10 list is also like a table of contents to prove the point.

Like that:

  1. It cooks food with minimal mess, creating lime-chipotle and ginger-five-spice meals.
  2. It fry food without the deep fryer: Spicy kimchi fried chicken sandwiches
  3. It gets dinner on the table faster: Roasted boneless short ribs
  4. He makes a complete dinner with a leaf: Spice-crusted sirloin steak with asparagus and lemon-shallot butter
  5. It prepares sparkling casseroles with less stirring: Ziti in the oven without boiling
  6. It takes breakfast beyond toast: a one-pot breakfast
  7. It’s your satellite oven: roasted broccoli with olives, garlic, oregano and lemon
  8. It Helps You Reduce Waste: Thick Cut Oven Fries
  9. Perfect for entertaining: Baked crostini with onion jam and brie
  10. It ensures that each cookie is freshly baked: Make-Ahead Sugar Cookies (How about coconut-lime sugar cookies?)

Pumpkin Spice Update

Racine beer? It’s a fall season for me.

But Hank’s Gourmet Beverages knows it’s a cool brand. Therefore, the seasonal feel of this Philadelphia-based third-generation family business offers Pumpkin Spice Soda.

Maybe I like the Caramel Apple version even better.

Wishniak Black Cherry Soda is in their base line. These are sweetened with real sugar and very old school.

They want you to notice their attractive seasonal packaging, but they’re obviously still focused on keeping what’s inside the bottle on target.

Learn more at hanksbeverages.net.

Darragh Doiron is a gourmet from the Port Arthur region who falls under the spell of the season. Let her know some of your vacation favorites at [email protected]

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