Lobster rolls, wok noodles and more

From savory wok-cooked noodles to savory Cuban sandwiches pressed to perfection, the food at Musikfest is as varied as the lineup.

Many favorites are back this year – several of them having their food stalls on both sides of the festival.

Here’s what’s on the menu for Christmas City’s biggest summer event.


The north side of the festival, where the majority of free concerts take place is located at West Lehigh Street, West Market Street, West. Church Street, West Walnut Street and West Broad Street and Main Street in downtown Bethlehem.

Below is what is offered by section:

Guardian Insurance Company of America Zinzenplatz

chicken cone: Chicken in an ice cream cone, Cajun fries.

Haagen Dazs ice cream: Milkshakes, dazzling sundaes.

Sherri’s Crab Cakes: Crab cake sandwich, cream of crab, macaroni and cheese and crab, crab platter, garlic Old Bay shrimp.

Simply skewers: Frango churrasco (grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic, lemon and cilantro), frango malaguetta (grilled chicken breast marinated in red peppers and lime juice), Korean beef from São Paulo (gochujang and marinated sirloin with herbs), sweet potato fries, falafel with red peppers.

Whizz Kidz: Cheesesteaks, fries, loaded fries, pierogi.

Wells Fargo Festplatz

Leiby’s ice cream: Variety of ice cream flavors, Reese’s peanut butter sundae, ice cream float.

Greek street: Lamb gyro, vegan gyro, chicken or lamb gyro bowls, stuffed grape leaves, baklava, Greek salad pita.

French Toast Bites: Sweet grilled bites, bacon on a stick, cold brew coffee.

Heidi’s strudel: Cherry, apple and other assorted strudels, German roasted nuts, hand-rolled pretzels.

Island expressions: Smoothies, pineapple on a stick, pineapple cups, pineapple cup, snow cones, funnel cake, fried Oreos.

Gourmet Fondue: Philly cheesesteak, Buffalo chicken cheesesteak, gourmet grilled cheese, barbecue chicken, mac and cheese.

Mr. Phil’s Poultry: Cheeseburgers, chicken finger, chicken finger sandwich, fried waffles, chicken cheesesteak, chicken finger parmesan.

Pat’s Pizza & Bistro: Pizza, assorted pasta, cannoli.

Philly Waffle Cabin: Belgian waffles with assorted toppings, churros.

Take a taco: Chicken, pork and beef tacos and taco salads, pierogi.

The Flying V: Fresh cut fries, red wine braised short rib poutine, peameal bacon poutine, veggie poutine.

Martin Guitar Handwerkplatz

Oh damn: Roasted corn.

Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream: Freeze ice cream snacks in vanilla, chocolate and other flavors.

Island noodles: Wok noodles with teriyaki chicken.

Island Noodles are a popular food choice among Musikfest attendees.  In the photo, the chicken is prepared in a wok.

Karl Ehmer: Bratwurst, krainerwurst, knockwurst, curry wurst bowl, hunter’s bowl, Vienna hot dog, potato salad, weinkraut.

Hogar Crea from Freemansburg: Chicken and beef shish-ka-bobs.

Harvest specialty caterer: Lobster mac and cheese, lobster rolls (Maine and Connecticut style), fried clam strips, crab fries, frozen lemonade.

IBEW Local 375 Liederplatz

MMG concessions: Burgers, sausages, cheesesteaks, chicken fillets, fries, tater tots, pretzels, ice cream, slushes.

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Provident Bank Main Street

Dipping points: Ice cream snacks.

MMG concessions: Panini, crab cakes, cheesesteaks, sausages, burgers, frozen drinks, chicken fillets, fries, frozen cheesecake, funnel cake, popsicle.

Have a taco: Tacos and taco salads with chicken, fish, beef and pork, rice and beans.

Theo’s Gyros: Gyros, chicken gyros, vine leaves, baklava, hummus.

PNC Stadplatz

Dinky’s ice cream: Frenzies (rolled ice cream), sundaes and ice cream cones, Italian gelato, gelatos, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes and floats.

The Little Sicilian: Pizza balls, chicken parmesan balls, Philly cheesesteak balls, sausages and peppers, fried ravioli, cannoli.

Mr. Phil’s Poultry: Cheeseburgers, chicken finger, chicken finger sandwich, waffle fries.

Van Pelt Hot Dogs: Gourmet beef and vegan hot dogs stuffed or topped with chili, bacon jam, pepperjack cheese, pulled pork, pickled jalapeños.

T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Oh damn: Roasted corn.

Bill Wil and the director: Alligator sausage on a stick, Cajun grilled shrimp taco, jambalaya, okra, Cajun swamp bowl, alligator bites.

Cuban Press X: Cuban sandwich, Cubano BLT, Cuban nachos, yuca fries, beef and chicken empanada, ham croquettes, platanos.

D&J dealerships: Fried Frozen Cheesecake, Twinkies, Candy Bars, Frozen Banana, Jumbo Turkey Leg, Fried Oreos, Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly, Corn Dog, Blooming Onion, Fried Vegetables, Ribbon Fries, Fried Mac & Cheese, Beans fried greens, fried honey bread, fried cookie dough and funnel cake.

Heaven on a Bun: Hot dogs, burgers, fries, pierogi, mozzarella sticks, cheese fries.

Island Expressions: Coco tiki shrimp, mango shrimp, lump crab pearl skewers, jerk chicken on a stick, boom boom shrimp and chicken, 26 flavors of smoothies, pineapple on a stick, Kona coffee.

Thai Jasmine: pad thai with garlic chicken, lo mein with garlic chicken, pad thai with rice and tofu, pad thai with rice and sesame chicken, pad thai with rice and teriyaki beef, spring rolls and dumplings.

Theos Gyros: lamb and chicken gyros baklava, stuffed vine leaves, hummus.

Lily waffle: gourmet Belgian waffles topped with ice cream, chocolate, nuts, strawberries and other fresh fruits.


Cuban X-Press will be selling its delicious Cuban sandwich on the north side of Musikfest August 5-14 in Bethlehem.

Paid performances take place at Steel Stacks, 101 Founders Way, Bethlehem.

South Side Headliners include Ziggy Marley, Counting Crows, Ja Rule and Ashanti, Wille Nelson and Family, Boyz II Men, Poison, Olga Tañón and Disturbed.

Between sets, discover these dishes:

Air Products Americaplatz

Oh damn: Shelled corn, roasted with or without salt.

Greek street: Beef and lamb gyro, feta fries, vine leaves, vegan gyro, Greek salad.

Dinky’s ice cream: Sundaes, milkshakes, gelato, Italian ice cream.

FUD truck: Grilled cheese turkey pesto, Italian grilled cheese, funnel cake fries, hot chicken sandwich.

Little Macaron shop: Assortment of macaroons, sugar cookies, edible cookie dough.

Slabs and crabs: Pulled pork, brisket, lobster roll, fried shrimp, seafood macaroni and cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, corn on the cob.

The Steering Wheel V: Poutine with ribs, peameal bacon poutine, Buffalo chicken poutine, vegetarian poutine.

The chewing machine: Chicken and waffle cone, loaded pierogi and kielbasa, pork bahn mi, cheesesteak tater tots, tres leches waffle cone.

Van Pelt Hot Dogs: tater tots, gourmet hot dogs, tater tots loaded with meats and cheeses.

Wind Creek Steel Stage at PNC Plaza

Heaven on a Bun: Cheeseburgers, sausages, cheesesteaks, crab fries, Buffalo chicken eggroll, vegetarian empanadas, chicken and cheese empanadas, mozzarella sticks, crab fries, cheese fries, pierogi.

Homer’s daughters: Donuts, quesadillas, cheesesteak egg rolls, tater tots, iced coffee, cookies.

Island Expressions: Coconut Shrimp, Spicy Boom Boom Shrimp, Breaded Vegetables, Pork BBQ, Funnel Cake, Sweet Potato Fries, Fried Vegetables, Soft Pretzels, Frozen Cheesecake, Fried Pickles, Fried Eggplant, Fried Zucchini.

Sherri’s Crab Cakes: Crab cake sandwich, crab cream, crab mac and cheese, crab platter, Old Bay garlic shrimp.

Musikfest takes place from August 5 to 14 with a preview party on August 4. For more information, visit, musikfest.org or download the free Musikfest app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

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