Loans for Advances

Credits for advances are loans through which the financial company proceeds to advance money to its clients based on a good, right to collect, etc… So that it can face an expense or its liquidity needs.

One of the clearest examples to finish understanding that loans are for advances, is when we have a property for sale and we still do not have a buyer, the financial one you decide to associate with will provide you with a 48-hour credit in advance of the sale.

When it comes to real estate reforms you can get a higher sale price and evaluate other interesting offers before making a final decision.

Types of credits for advances

Types of credits for advances


All types of loans for advances are totally different in terms of the advantages they offer, so we must carefully study which is better suited to our financial situation.

  • Advance of pagare: this type of credits for advances is destined in its entirety to companies and self-employed; since they are institutes that daily make use of collection / payment.

Those who are responsible for financing this type of loans for advance payment are traditional banking entities and private financial entities.

Of this type, two types of advances are derived, just as they are with the circumstantial discount and the discount line.

  • Payroll Advance: this type of credits for advance payments what it does is anticipate the money from the payroll to the client, so that he will not have to wait for his monthly payment date to face his expenses.

Many companies already work with this methodology so it will not always be necessary to resort to new alternatives.

  • Advance loans on the sale of the property: this type of loans for advances offers the client part of the sale of his property before the property is sold, with the advantage of not having to pay monthly installments.

Credits for advances through “advance loans on the sale of the property.

As we mentioned earlier, these loans for advances are based on anticipating a part of the sale of the property to the client who still can not sell his property.

But what is the purpose of this?

They are ideal loans for those who have their property for sale, but at the same time need urgent liquidity. In this way the client can sell the property with peace of mind at the correct price and without haste.

The company that is financing it will approve loans for advances giving you time to sell your property and with the sale of the same will cancel the loan previously requested to the company.

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