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(CNN) РHow much would you pay for an Oreo cookie? For some, the answer could be thousands of dollars, as a hard-to-find Oreo cookie featuring a rare Pok̩mon is expensive on eBay.

The new Oreo collaboration with Pokemon debuted earlier this month, with cookies featuring various Pokemon embellished in chocolate. But some cookies are rarer than others Рsome Oreos featuring the extremely rare Mew, a psychic mythical Pok̩mon.

In the world of Pokémon, seeing a Mew is almost akin to seeing a unicorn. And, as art mimics life, finding a Mew Oreo cookie is just as miraculous in its own way. So much so that cookies featuring Mew are now being sold on eBay for thousands of dollars, with one seller asking for up to $ 10,000 for the cookie.

CNN has contacted Mondelez International, owner of Nabisco – maker of popular snacks such as Oreos and Ritz Crackers – for comment on the resale value of these cookies, but has not received a response.

Even though Pokémon Oreos taste exactly the same as other non-Pokémon Oreos, social media has been ignited by praise and criticism of cookies. YouTuber, Jason Mazurek, reported that he visited eight different stores to find the coveted cookies, while a Pokémon Card social media account posted a photo of a grocery store displaying the Oreos, writing: “I am going to buy all the cookies and then re – sell them for a million dollars.”

And on Instagram, the #pokemonoreos tag is attached to nearly 2,000 posts, with many users showing their found Mew cookies.

Pokémon has had a dedicated fan base for a long time. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of Pokémon cards skyrocketed so much that some cards were sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars – this included a rare Charizard card that grossed $ 400,000. The situation got so out of hand that in May, Target temporarily stopped selling both sports cards and Pokémon cards in stores, after a heated argument broke out at one of the retailer’s stores in the Wisconsin.

The cookie frenzy goes beyond the interest in rare Mew cookies Рsome sellers simply resell entire packs of Pok̩mon Oreos, while others sell a collection containing all 16 Pok̩mon cookies.

The Oreo-Pokémon collaboration was initially announced amid a strike by Nabisco employees, which led some Pokémon enthusiasts to remove of the collection of cookies. The strike ended on September 18.

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