Let’s Eat: Peruvian Cuisine Mishqui Brings Madison Sweets and Savory from South America | Food drink


She added: “Peruvian cuisine is still quite new in this area, so I always include photos of menu items and descriptions of the food in our Facebook posts. There were a few Peruvian restaurants but many of them are no longer open. That’s why I always cook the most popular dishes in Peru. Tomorrow I have an order for 20 empanadas. And I can’t go a Sunday without making the chicken causa. “

Mishqui Peru’s story begins 11 years ago, when García started out as a home baker, looking for a way to bring some of his family and friends home after his first two years at home. Madison. The bakery product that ultimately brought food from García, and ultimately from Mishqui Peru, so much traction was his alfajores, shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche.

Alfajores are Argentinian cookie sandwiches filled with dulce de leche from Mishqui Peru, at Christine’s Kitchen in Madison.


“A friend of mine, who’s a really good businesswoman, said, ‘Hey, Cynthia, you cook really good food. Why don’t you sell it? ‘ ”García said. “And I thought I was going to try it and I started selling her and then she said her friends and other friends said it to their friends and all of a sudden people that I didn’t even know started asking for my food. “

But it wasn’t until she decided to take a semester off to graduate as a licensed practical nurse that what started out as a way to bring her Peruvian community together for big family meals began to turn into a long-held dream come true.

“I was studying to support myself and my son, but I was so stressed,” García said. “It was really good helping people and I felt so professional with that stethoscope around my neck, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. Then I started to reopen all the kitchen boxes I had put away. at the start of school. “

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