Lemon Berry Frozen Cake from “The Pioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond is your easy, no-bake fix to tonight’s dessert.


You probably have all the ingredients for the ultimate dessert on hot summer nights: The pioneer woman Star Ree Drummond’s lemon berry iced cake. Without baking, it’s light and just sweet enough for dessert.

“The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper / Getty Images for Pioneer Woman magazine

What you’ll need to make the fun Lemon Drummond Berry Frozen Cake

Made with pantry items almost always on hand, the ingredients for this old-fashioned cake (full recipe and video here) are heavy cream, powdered sugar, vanilla, cookies. lemon sandwich cream, raspberry jams, fresh raspberries, blueberry jams, fresh blueberries, and fresh mint leaves.

Special kitchen utensils you’ll need include a hand mixer and a 10-inch springform pan.

How to assemble this cake

Drummond begins by making whipped cream using a hand mixer by combining the cream, powdered sugar and vanilla in a bowl until it is “really nice and wavy”, a- she said in the Food Network video for this recipe. The vanilla that the Food Network personality uses is clear, which she says is great “whenever I want the mixture I make to stay really bright white”.

The “fun part with any ice cream cake,” says the mother of five, “is building it.” Using a springform pan allows you to easily remove the cake from the pan after putting it in the refrigerator, or to use the old-fashioned expression, the cooler.

A third of the whipped cream is placed at the bottom of the pan and smoothed. A layer of lemon sandwich cookies is placed on the cream, followed by the raspberry jam (“just spread it around the edges”). Along with the jam, add the fresh raspberries (“save a few for garnish”), then the layers are repeated: whipped cream, lemon cookies, and this time the blueberry jam followed by the fresh blueberries. Finally, the rest of the whipped cream goes on top, with a handful of the remaining fresh berries.

The cake is refrigerated for “a few hours” until everything is ready.

What home cooks had to say about Drummond’s Icebox cake

Most reviews of The pioneer woman star were positive, but almost all of them had tweaks that they felt made it a little better.

A home cook suggested skipping the cookies altogether and freezing the cake: “Make it yesterday and let it sit overnight in the fridge. The cake was extremely moist and a bit of a mess to serve. It was too sweet for us with the lemon cookies so if I did it again I would use a cookie that is not a sandwich cream. I’m also wondering if it could be frozen?

“I liked it but I didn’t like the lemon cookies; next time I would do it with graham crackers, ”said another reviewer.

Yet another home cook went ahead and froze his cooler cake – and loved it, “So good! I made this with a few changes – I only used strawberry jams and used both sliced ​​strawberries and raspberries. I froze the leftovers, and it’s so good frozen!

If you haven’t yet decided what you want for dessert tonight, Ree Drummond’s Lemon Berry Frozen Cake is quick, fun to make, and a classic for good reason.

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