Lauren Jauregui shares the new song ‘Colors’.


Ahead of her special live performance next week – in which she will perform songs from her upcoming solo project, ‘Prelude’, for the very first time – Lauren Jauregui shared a new song today, ‘Colors’.

About the song, Jauregui shares: “When you paint a wall you have to paint over what’s underneath. I try to convince myself that I am someone that I am not. The song is a literal conversation. When everyone is gone, it’s just you and I. You can paint on the wall, but you can’t erase them all. I let myself know that no matter what happens, I have to be fine with myself. You can’t not run away, because all your layers will still be there, you have to learn to see them and accept them.

And about taking full creative control and embarking on a fully independent career, releasing music in partnership with AWAL Recordings and as executive producer of his upcoming ‘Prelude’ project, Jauregui says: “My music is about getting to the bottom of what I’m feeling… Now I have the freedom to explore all the different ways I can express myself. My art is the witness of my growth… A deep gratitude of power for finally giving birth to the start of this project in the world. “PRELUDE” is a piece of my heart, and I can’t wait for you all to hear what it sounds like.

Listen to the new song below …

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