Launch of the Herman Miller x Hay Eames furniture collection

Herman Miller x Hay: Eames classics reinvented

The new Herman Miller x Hay collection revisits the designs of Charles and Ray Eames with updated colors and materials – coming soon to North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa

What better way to breathe new life into Herman Miller’s recognizable Eames archives than to enlist Danish design brand Hay to reimagine them? In honor of Hay’s 20th anniversary this year, Herman Miller invited founders Rolf and Mette Hay to create a contemporary take on these timeless pieces: a color-centric reinterpretation of eight iconic Eames designs that not only features new shades, but also updated materials.

Herman Miller x Hay: Eames classics revisited

‘Eames Sofa Compact’, ‘LCW’ and ‘Wire Base Low Tables’

For the Hays, being able to bring a new twist to Herman Miller’s Eames classics is particularly moving as they are longtime fans of the maker and designers, and share the same playfulness and curiosity that Charles and Ray Eames were known for. . “They were very experimental in taking advantage of new technologies. And they were having fun,” says Rolf. ‘Since Hay’s inception, our goal has been to provide our customers with access to the works of the world’s best designers – designers who understand that if you want to create high quality industrial design for the masses, you need to find smart ways to produce.

The Herman Miller x Hay collection consists of the ‘Eames Molded Plastic Chair’ (with and without armrests), the ‘Wire Chair’, the ‘Wire Base Low Table’, the ‘Universal Base Round Table’ and the coat ‘Hang It All’ rack which all sport playful new shades such as Caramel, Iron Red, Indigo, Mint Green, Dusty Pink and Dusty Yellow. The Hay version of the “Eames Molded Plastic Chair” is made of 100% post-industrial recycled plastic. Mette delved into Herman Miller’s archives to select tones in an effort to modernize his approach to color without entirely recreating it.

‘Eames Wire Chairs’

“Being very familiar with the existing color range, my intention was to focus on the future, instead of looking too far back,” she says, while sharing that her research was not only informed by the Eames ephemera, cataloged by MillerKnoll archivist Amy Auscherman, but also through unique furniture prototypes listed on auction sites and in museum catalogs, as well as out-of-production textiles by Alexander Girard, archived in the New York workshop of the textile brand Maharam.

In a nod to the Eames’ close personal and professional relationship with Girard, the collection includes a special edition of the ‘Eames Compact Sofa’, featuring a 1955 colourway of Girard’s Jacob’s Coat textile, which Maharam has faithfully reissued for the occasion. at Mette’s request. . Another personal favorite of the couple is the ‘Molded Plywood Chair’, now available in emerald green.

As a whole, the collection pays tribute not only to the artistic eye of the Eames, but also to their creative dialogue with Girard and the world of color that they developed together and which continues to influence designers to this day. Hay’s ability to bring it all back to life not only speaks to Rolf and Mette’s high regard for partnership and collaboration, but also underscores their status as modern disciples of the Eames philosophy that good design should be for everything. the world. Even those familiar with these ubiquitous designs will find it hard to resist their new incarnations. §

‘Eames plastic chairs’

Eames Wire Base Coffee Tables’

‘Eames Universal Base Round Table’

The Eames chairs in the collection, showing the range of colors and finishes

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