KFC is selling a giant chicken sandwich ‘Snuggler’ pillow for Valentine’s Day

KFC Sandwich Hug


Kentucky Fried Chicken is giving fans of its famous chicken sandwich a new way to show their love this Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate the season of romance, the beloved chain restaurant had released its biggest chicken sandwich yet – the KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler, a nearly 3-foot plush pillow that’s the perfect gift for those who want something cuddly.

Designed in partnership with Pillow Pets, a brand known for its fun and nostalgic plush companions, the KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler looks good enough to eat. All the layers of the menu item are replicated here, from its extra crispy realistic double-breaded chicken breast fillet to its buttery brioche bun and chunky pickles. There’s even the perfect amount of real Colonel’s Mayonnaise, if you look closely enough.

“Whether you’re single and snuggling up alone or meeting up with your partner or closest friends for a night out, the KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler has the versatility to be the perfect naptime accessory,” said the brand in a press release. “Enjoy a hug after sinking your teeth into a KFC chicken sandwich meal or spice up any room in your home (trust us, it’s impossible to miss).”

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Only a limited number of KFC Chicken Sandwich Snugglers are available for purchase, and they will cost $99.99.

For those on a budget this Valentine’s Day, KFC has two ongoing deals on its app and website. The “Sandwiches and Sides” offering comes with four KFC Chicken Sandwiches and two large sides, while the “Sandwiches and Tenders” meal includes four KFC Chicken Sandwiches, six Extra Crispy Tenders, two large sides, four biscuits and a half-gallon drink bucket.

KFC Sandwich Hug

KFC Sandwich Hug


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This is not the first time that KFC has collaborated with a company on an original idea.

In February 2020, the company announced a collaboration with Crocs to release a limited edition platform shoe designed to look like a bucket of chicken, with a realistic fried chicken motif on the top and red and white stripes on the sides of the shoe. the shoe (in a nod to KFC’s recognizable buckets).

The Crocs, which retailed for $59.99 at the time, came with KFC drumstick-shaped Jibbitz charms to accessorize. The removable charms were even with chicken flavor.

They also had a big fan of celebrities, with Kim Kardashian happily showing them off on her Instagram story. “Isn’t that amazing? she gushed.

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KFC’s Chicken Sandwich was introduced nationwide in January 2021 and quickly became a fan favorite.

It’s been a big year for the brand so far. In January, they announced they would be offering Beyond Fried Chicken, their latest item developed by Beyond Meat exclusively for KFC, at participating restaurants across the United States. The plant-based meal retains the taste and texture of whole chicken, plus the flavor and juiciness of classic KFC fried chicken, without the real chicken.

The chicken chain is also working with Grammy-nominated “What’s Poppin'” rapper Jack Harlow on a new year-long partnership that will include everything from new menu item launches, exclusive experiences and exciting brand campaigns.

“Growing up I always dreamed of being the biggest artist to come from Kentucky. Now I’m teaming up with @KFC, the biggest brand to come from Kentucky,” Harlow wrote on Instagram. “For next year, we are going to do great things together.”

Don’t expect Harlow to play KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders. “Jack is a Kentucky legend in his own right,” the brand previously said.

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