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What there is to know

  • The life of Pi Donut at Holey Grail Donuts
  • The $4 “fried-to-order” goodie includes Kabocha squash, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla bean; available until Wednesday 2 November
  • Founded in Hawaii in 2018, Holey Grail has both a food truck in Los Angeles and plans to unveil a store in Santa Monica in late 2022.

It can feel like living in a pumpkin surround-sound in late October, a world awash with pumpkin hues, pumpkin tastes, pumpkin-shaped treats, and pumpkin-themed events.

We all live in the middle of a pumpkin castle in pumpkin country on a pumpkin planet, basically, by the time Halloween rolls around.

This full pumpkin tude starts in August at some locations, with the spicy lattes coming out first, then the muffins and cookies, and finally all sorts of dessert-y delights, the orange-mignon temptations that are covered in icing c i.e. as shiny as a pumpkin.

But there are other fall fruits that fill local plots when fall begins, and incorporating these star produce into our succulent temptations can feel like adding another sweet dimension to our pumpkin-filled lives. .

Look at the magnificent Kabochathe Japanese squash known for its delicious appearance in all kinds of savory dishes, from pastas to soups to curries.

The green, globular superstar is also sublime when roasted and dusted with cinnamon, but finding her in front of a fancy dessert isn’t as common as Kabocha fans would like.

Holey Grail Donutsthis delicious purveyor of dipping goodness, changes that this season with the The Life of Pie Donut, a confection that includes “Kabocha squash, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla bean”. Taro is also a main ingredient in all the pastries created by the company.

The $4 “fried to order” goodie is available through food truck Holey Grail in Los Angeles and at its stores in Hawaii, through Wednesday, November 2.

But don’t be too blue if you miss this delicious window for Holey Grail has a donut giveaway on Saturday, November 5, all to honor National Donut Appreciation Day. Visit the food truck at 2441 Main Street in Santa Monica, the future site of Holey Grail’s brick-and-mortar store, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to enjoy a free donut.

The freebie in the spotlight on November 5? It’s The Original Sin, “a donut glazed with Hawaiian vanilla bean and maple, then topped with sea salt.”

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